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Chromecast at Year 1: Why it's more than just an impulse buy

Q&A: For the first birthday of Google's streaming-media stick, the exec behind the dirt-cheap dongle discusses its backstory, year one, and the path ahead.

Dear piracy apologists, It's not cool to download unreleased films

Commentary: Even in the age of Spotify and Netflix, the movie-going experience remains largely intact. Not because of greed, but because filmmaking has no good alternative.

Meet Intel's SoFIA, the super-cheap smartphone chip

The company is trying to bring the cost of smartphones down to as little as $50.

EA gaming subscription service coming to Xbox One
iPhone 6 screen won't be made of sapphire, analysts claim
Microsoft's China offices raided over antitrust allegations
​Soon, you too will be able to learn Dothraki

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2 hours agoMobileby

Apple wins patent for crowd-sourced traffic navigation

The envisioned system would help you plan your route by analyzing stop lights, stop signs, and obstacles that can slow your trip.

9 hours agoLaptopsby

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro line with minor upgrades, same prices

Apple has updated the hardware for its profitable MacBook Pro line -- all 15-inch models will come with 16GB RAM but with no price increase.

18 hours agoMobileby

​Will a cell phone unlocking law really matter?

Lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle pass a bill that will make unlocking a cell phone legal again. But will it really give consumers more choices?


Comic-Con 2014: Legos, superheroes, and nerds unite (pictures)

Here are some scenes from this year's San Diego Comic-Con, featuring costumes and comics alongside full-size Bat-cycles and a 12-foot-tall Lord Business.

4 minutes agoCraveby

'Wholock: The Musical': Hear the Doctor, Sherlock sing a duet

Will Sherlock Holmes join the Doctor traveling through time and space in this musical battle, or will Holmes make The Doctor move into 221B Baker Street?


Take a closer look at the BlackBerry Passport (pictures)

The BlackBerry Passport is a decidedly different smartphone, aimed at offering a comfortable, spacious way to hammer out emails all day.

1 hour agoCraveby

Who won 'Wacky Races'? F1 scoring reveals the world's wackiest racer

According to Formula 1 scoring, which wacky racer mounts the podium as the surprising overall winner of the classic cartoon?

1 hour agoCraveby

Man-made 'breathing' leaf is an oxygen factory for space travel

An artificial leaf converts water and light to oxygen, and that's good news for road-tripping to places beyond Earth.

1 hour agoConsolesby

EA to bring gaming subscription service to Xbox One

Electronic Arts, the game publisher behind Madden and FIFA, introduces EA Access, a $4.99-per-month gaming subscription service exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox One console.

1 hour agoTech Cultureby

Man who filmed himself driving car from passenger seat gets convicted

A 20-year-old Spanish man thought it'd be fun to post the video to YouTube. It wasn't.

1 hour agoCraveby

PantryChic is like a robotic prep cook for your home kitchen

Store and dispense baking ingredients with a kitchen gadget that takes the hassle out of converting weights and measures.

2 hours agoTechnically Incorrectby

Fox's Bill O'Reilly: Gadgets got Obama elected

The Fox News presenter says iPads and the like made it easier to present a candidate's image that was "false" to narcissistic young people.

2 hours agoInternetby

Sky looks to the next generation of TV, backs Oculus Rift startup

A major British broadcaster has invested in a Silicon Valley virtual reality startup developing the next generation of entertainment.

2 hours agoCraveby

The 404 Throwback Ep. 101: Where we're putting the Yu in useless (podcast)

Take a trip down memory lane with The 404 Show as we relive Justin Yu's first official appearance on the program as a full time cast member. (Original air date: 5/16/08)


Record your golf swing and then perfect it

If you have limited time but enjoy getting out on the green, this app will help improve your golf swing by comparing it to those of the pros.

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