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Apple's iPhone 6S: The peak of smartphone boredom?

With few physical changes expected with the next iPhone, it's become emblematic of a problem with the broader smartphone industry: It's just not that exciting anymore.

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Bringing the past into high-resolution view

CNET delves into the tech revolution helping historians in Israel reveal more about the past.


For Motorola's latest smartwatch, it's all about choice

Motorola's head of design isn't concerned about facing off with the Apple Watch. The highly customizable Moto 360? "It's a better product," he says.

More top storiesSeptember 3, 2015

Hulu finally cuts all the ads if you pay up
The streaming TV service has long stuck subscribers with the same commercial breaks as traditional television. Now for $12 a month -- that's $4 more than a regular subscription -- the ads finally vamoose.
by Joan E. Solsman
Own a historic NASA design manual
It won't teach you how to build a rocket or fly to Pluto, but this manual is a fascinating part of NASA's history, and it's seeking funding on Kickstarter now.
by Michael Franco

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