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Why T-Mobile figures it will steal more customers with iPhone 6

T-Mobile believes the pieces are in place for the company to benefit from iPhone switchers after the launch.

Oculus Rift teardown finds Samsung display, 40 LEDs

The iFixit repair-guide site uncovers a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display inside the second-generation virtual-reality headset prototype.

FCC chairman puts Verizon in hot seat over throttling policy

FCC's Tom Wheeler says in a letter he's "deeply troubled" by Verizon's move to single out unlimited-data customers, which could slow their access to the Internet.

US Judge orders Microsoft to produce emails held abroad
Apple now rumored to launch iPhone 6 on October 14
XP still runs at more than half of businesses surveyed
Senate blasts mobile carriers for profiting from phony fees

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2 hours agoInternetby

Which countries have made most 'right to be forgotten' requests? Google reveals all

Google has outlined its process for hiding contentious search results, revealing which countries have made the most requests.

3 hours agoTech Cultureby

Google reportedly getting out of barge business in Maine

Google may be selling its would-be floating showroom there to an international barge company. But the Google Barge in Stockton, Calif., is still sitting idle.

4 hours agoTech Industryby

Apple eliminating 200 Beats jobs -- report

As Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics comes close to completion, hundreds of employees may find that their positions are marked as redundant.


Use Android Wear as a remote shutter button

Here's how to use your Android Wear to take photos, selfies and group shots without needing to touch your smartphone.

2 minutes agoCraveby

Handheld Android projector throws 80-inch touchscreen

When a tablet screen just isn't big enough, TouchPico steps in with an Android PC that projects a huge touchscreen on just about any surface.

5 minutes agoBack-to-School Tech Gift Guideby

Four ways to keep in touch with parents when away at school

Going away for college will be some of the best years of your life, but you're still going to need to talk to your parents.


Find your hidden Facebook inbox

Facebook keeps a second inbox for messages from outside of your social network. Here's how to find it.

15 minutes agoComic-Con 2014by

​Real-world science at the heart of superhero comic series Multiversity

Superstring theory and the music of the spheres create the scientific foundation for Grant Morrison's multiple universe-spanning superhero epic Multiversity.

31 minutes agoAndroid Updateby

Adjust Google Play to require a password for every purchase

Update your password requirement on Google Play to discontinue the 30-minute grace period for purchases.

34 minutes agoCraveby

Flash back 50 years to first moon image by a US spacecraft

` Way back in 1964, the planet Earth got a lot closer to the moon thanks to a successful NASA spacecraft mission.

1 hour agoTech Industryby

US Judge orders Microsoft to produce emails held abroad

Microsoft had sought to prevent the Justice Department from obtaining emails in Ireland without first getting the country's consent.

1 hour agoCar Techby

Ford invites hackers to use Los Angeles city data

In what it bills the first developer conference hosted by an automaker during CTIA Super Mobility Week, Ford will run a hackathon where developers can build apps using data sets supplied by Los Angeles.

1 hour agoCraveby

Close-up of first comet to give a ride around the sun

An ESA spacecraft nears its target, a comet the Philae lander will saddle up to for a ride around our nearest star.

1 hour agoTechnically Incorrectby

Woman changes name to L. Skywalker, denied passport

The UK takes a dim view of any name that it deems as being copyrighted or trademarked.

2 hours agoTechnically Incorrectby

Comcast customer allegedly pulls gun on repair man over fees

When a New Mexico woman learns of additional fees for the service call, she gets upset. Her upset leads to jail.

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