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T-Mobile profit jumps as customer growth pops again

The carrier's customer base surpasses the 50 million mark on the back of aggressive promotions, while profit is boosted by a spectrum licensing deal.

Why Sprint can't hit the gas on cheaper plans...yet

CNET News talks to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse on why he must be deliberate about potential pricing moves.

FCC chairman puts Verizon in hot seat over throttling policy

FCC's Tom Wheeler says in a letter he's "deeply troubled" by Verizon's move to single out unlimited-data customers, which could slow their access to the Internet.

XP still runs at more than half of businesses surveyed
Apple now rumored to launch iPhone 6 on October 14
China rebuffs Canada for 'irresponsible' hacking claims
Senate blasts mobile carriers for profiting from phony fees

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21 minutes agoTech Industryby

Apple eliminating 200 Beats jobs -- report

As Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics comes close to completion, hundreds of employees may find that their positions are marked as redundant.

1 hour agoMobile Appsby

Amazon kicks off two-day promo for $100 in free apps

The company is offering 30 paid apps for free over the next two days. If users download all 30, they would be saving $100.

4 hours agoTech Industryby

Spider-Man and PS4 drive surprise profit for Sony

Sales of the PlayStation 4 doubled in the Japanese giant's latest financial results, but it's still on course for an overall loss.

9 hours agoWearable Techby

Fitness tracking goes under the security spotlight

Hackable location tracking, poor password management, and a lack of privacy policies: Symantec has a number of concerns about the fitness tracking boom.

13 hours agoWearable Techby

Which wearable will be the next big thing?

With a host of new fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other computer-enabled gear expected on the market soon, analytics firm First Insight forecasts which ones will become big sellers.

15 hours agoMobileby

Samsung warns second half will be tough as it reports weak Q2

The Korean electronics giant, which posted a 25 percent drop in operating profits, says the second half of 2014 "will remain a challenge" as price competition in smartphones hurts profitability.


Use Android Wear as a remote shutter button

Here's how to use your Android Wear to take photos, selfies and group shots without needing to touch your smartphone.

1 hour agoOperating Systemsby

Windows XP still runs at more than half of businesses surveyed

Though Microsoft no longer supports the aged OS, a fair share of businesses haven't yet kicked the XP habit.

4 minutes agoTVsby

Samsung's first bendable TV arrives in August -- in Korea

The electronics giant plans to release its first TV that you can bend between flat and curved. But will consumers go for it?

17 minutes agoSecurityby

China rebuffs Canada for 'irresponsible' hacking claims

The Chinese foreign ministry says Canada lacks evidence to prove who hacked into the National Research Council.

41 minutes agoSmart Homeby

Revolv arrives on Android, adds official Nest support

With new competition entering the game, Revolv is working to widen its base of appeal.

1 hour agoAppleby

Xiaomi jumps to fifth-largest smartphone maker worldwide

The young Chinese company has quickly gained market share and now takes its place in the top 5 as the "star performer" in the second quarter, according to Strategy Analytics.

1 hour agoSci-Techby

Smart glasses for the blind and mosquito-tracking wearables compete for Google backing

Wearable gadgets that track malaria-spreading mosquitos and help the blind to see are among the contenders for the Google Impact Challenge.

2 hours agoAppleby

Apple now rumored to launch iPhone 6 on October 14

If the rumors are true, October promises to be a busy month for Apple with new iPhones, iPads, and possibly the iWatch.

2 hours agoCar Techby

Tesla, Panasonic sign Gigafactory battery deal

With its lower-priced Model 3 on the way, Tesla's likely to see higher demand -- and if it's going to crank out more electric cars, it'll need lots more batteries.

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