AT&T calls on 'lab' stores to lead a retail revolution

CNET takes a trip to AT&T Mobility's headquarters in Atlanta to check out the carrier's vision for the future of phone shopping.

Pictures: What's up at AT&T's 'lab' store

Is Yahoo angling to replace Google on iOS devices?

Google is the default search engine on Apple's Safari browser for iPhones and iPads. Apparently, Marissa Mayer is trying to change that.

Sonos zaps need for expensive, extra box

When the beta ends, you won't need to buy a Sonos Bridge or wire a speaker to a router, saving $50 on a new system.

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9 minutes agoCraveby

'Game of Thrones' gets 'Frozen' treatment in new video

What would happen if the characters from "Game of Thrones" suddenly found themselves in an alternate universe where everyone behaved as if they lived in a Disney musical? Watch and find out.

19 minutes agoMobileby

FarmVille 2: Country Escape crops up on iOS, Android

The free game is available now in Apple's App Store and the Google Play marketplace.

31 minutes agoTech Industryby

People don't trust Google Glass or Bitcoin yet - if they've heard of them at all

Bitcoin isn't to be trusted and Google Glass should be banned, according to people surveyed recently -- but at least they've heard of these new technologies.

33 minutes agoMobileby

ZTE's 2014 gets off to good start as profit triples

The company is also projecting a profit jump of between 158 percent and 223 percent for the first half of the year.

1 hour agoTabletsby

Apple now sells refurbished Retina iPad Minis

The Wi-Fi-only models trim the price by around 15 percent.

1 hour agoNew York auto show 2014by

VW previews a bigger SportWagen in New York

The new VW SportWagen on display at the New York auto show is based on the Golf and offers more room than the current Jetta SportWagen.


Volkswagen Golf SportWagen on the way (pictures)

Volkswagen showed off a Golf SportWagen concept at the New York auto show, but this one is definitely coming out as a production model next year.

1 hour agoCraveby

LegDoh! 'The Simpsons' snap together in Lego special

Don't have a brick, man! "The Simpsons" get a Lego makeover for the milestone 550th episode, airing May 4 on Fox.


The Acura TL becomes the 2015 TLX (pictures)

The Acura's mid-sized sedan gets shorter, lighter at the 2014 New York auto show even as its name grows a bit longer.

1 hour agoCNET UK Podcastby

S5 fans go full-on for 4G in CNET UK podcast 385

Nine out of ten Samsung Galaxy S5 phones sold in Britain's two major mobile chains have been signed up to 4G contracts -- is 4G catching on?


Galaxy S5 buyers are fans of 4G: CNET UK podcast 385

Nine out of ten Samsung Galaxy S5 phones sold in Britain's two major mobile chains have been signed up to 4G contracts -- is 4G catching on? Plus, we catch up with the latest on the Amazon phone, Samsung Kamera and Nokia's crazy code-names.

2 hours agoMobileby

Twitter uses MoPub to help advertisers promote mobile apps

Twitter aims to draw in marketers and developers with a new ad service that promotes mobile apps far beyond users' timelines.

2 hours agoTVsby

Should I buy a used plasma TV?

From eBay to store demo models, Amazon Marketplace to your neighbor who’s moving, there are some tempting deals out there. But is a used plasma worth the money, or any money?

2 hours agoAppleby

Apple confirms CarPlay support for aftermarket systems

Apple's Web site now lists support for Alpine and Pioneer car audio and video systems as coming soon.

2 hours agoInternetby

Aereo launches spin site for Supreme Court case

Less than a week before Aereo faces the Supreme Court bench, the company that streams over-the-air broadcast TV launches a site with support for its own arguments.