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FBI blames North Korea for Sony hack

The FBI releases the findings of its four-week investigation into one of the most destructive cyberattacks of a company on US soil.

A smartphone as a holiday gift? Not such a brilliant idea

In this week's Ask Maggie, CNET consumer advice columnist Marguerite Reardon cautions readers to think twice about giving a smartphone as a gift. Why's that? It's the gift that keeps on costing.

For the US connected classroom, a leap forward

Commentary: Cisco's John Chambers and former FCC chief Julius Genachowski applaud the FCC's funding boost for expanded broadband in schools, calling it a big win for modern digital learning.

Microsoft combats tech support scammers with lawsuit
​T-Mobile reaches $90M settlement over cramming
2014 welcomes Net's new names: .beer, .farm and more
How Android 5.0 lets you get raw for better photos

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