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Beyond Windows, Nadella seeks very different Microsoft

As earnings announcement looms, CEO Satya Nadella sends signals that a break with Microsoft's past may come soon.

Verizon shows Q2 strength on tablet demand

The company beats expectations, adding 1.15 million new tablets in the period to offset a slowdown in smartphone growth.

Can Apple's iPhone stay above the smartphone fray?

Apple is expected to post strong iPhone sales in its latest quarter despite stiffer competition, a slowing smartphone market in general, and a new iPhone still months away.

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4 hours agoPhonesby

Xiaomi unveils the iPhone-lookalike Mi 4

Powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and loaded with 3GB of RAM, the Android KitKat smartphone will debut in China.

14 hours agoTech Industryby

Yahoo to buy mobile analytics firm Flurry

After disappointing earnings results last week -- especially on the advertising front -- Yahoo announces it will buy the mobile advertising and analytics platform.

14 hours agoMobileby

Google may turn NYC phone booths into Wi-Fi hubs

The search giant is among many companies in the running to bring New York City's phone booth back to technological relevance.

15 hours agoGamingby

Facebook closes Oculus deal

The social-networking giant's $2 billion deal for the virtual-reality startup is done. Now the hard part begins.

15 hours agoDigital Mediaby

Netflix Q2 profit surges as it surpasses 50M subscribers

Netflix's rapid adoption both at home and abroad means another quarter with gangbusters profit growth, but the costs of its grandiose plans to get even bigger crimped it a bit.

18 hours agoInternetby

Facebook launches 'Save,' for all those things you didn't have time to read

The idea is simple: Allow users to create a list of music, movies, and articles they want to read later. But is it enough?

19 hours agoInternetby

Verizon boosts Fios upload speeds to match downloads

The goal is to appeal to customers who need to upload videos, photos, and other bandwidth-consuming content.

21 hours agoSecurityby

Still running Windows XP? Antivirus products put to the test

Microsoft no longer supports XP users, but a host of antivirus products tested by AV-Test can still defend you from viruses.

22 hours agoWearable Techby

Samsung brings Tizen to original Gear smartwatch

After launching the smartwatch last year using Google's Android, Samsung makes its own OS available for the device.


Push takes fitness trackers to the next level

Strength-training armband Push targets more serious athletes, and Facebook adds a new Save tool to read posts later.

27 minutes agoInternetby

How we pay for Facebook

Facebook's second quarter included a surprise scandal that raised concerns about how powerful it can be and what we give up to use the network.

27 minutes agoRoad Trip 2014by

In Wichita, the 787 Dreamliner gets its head start

Every month, Spirit Aerosystems turns out ten Dreamliner forward sections, complete with electronics and other systems. CNET Road Trip 2014 checked out the production line.


In Kansas, where 787 Dreamliners are born (pictures)

Boeing's next-gen planes are assembled in Washington or South Carolina, but the front sections are made in Kansas. CNET Road Trip 2014 visits the aviation heartland to see the manufacturing process.

37 minutes agoMobileby

Verizon tops Q2 expectations as tablet demand drives growth

The company added 1.15 million new tablets in the period, offsetting a slowdown in smartphone growth.

3 hours agoWearable Techby

New Xiaomi Mi Band is ridiculously cheap

The new wearable fitness tracker will have a battery life of 30 days and doubles up as a security key for your Xiaomi smartphone.

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