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Finding an edge: Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn talks tech

Olympic Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn is competitive, focused and determined to make a difference -- and not just on the slopes.

Is your shirt smarter than you?

Hats, shirts, socks -- if you can wear it, there's a good chance it eventually will read your vital signs, show your stress levels and even tell you to cut back on your Thanksgiving turkey.

Smartphones aren't selling like they used to (it's an Android thing)

Samsung is just the latest smartphone vendor to offer bad news as the market braces for a slowdown in demand.

More top storiesJuly 7, 2015

Buttons, sliders and knobs, oh, my! Startup evolves PC controls beyond the mouse
With its snap-together modules, Palette offers photographers and others a new answer to the age-old question of the best way to control a computer. Adobe is an early partner.
by Stephen Shankland
Facebook floating videos follow wherever you scroll
Videos keep playing as you scroll on Facebook, birthdays make their way to Twitter profiles, and Trekkie dreams come true with a working "Star Trek" communicator.
by Bridget Carey

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