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Apple Music goes live, courtesy of latest iOS software update

After years resisting subscriptions, Apple hits play on a $10-a-month streaming music service with a three-month free trial.

Sprint bids adieu to $50 iPhone plan in the name of clarity

The wireless carrier will instead promote an "All-In" plan that includes $60 for the plan and $20 for the smartphone.

China's Xiaomi breaks out of Asia with Brazilian beachhead

When it comes to smartphones, Xiaomi says it will stick to emerging markets where price-sensitive customers respond to its devices.

More top storiesJune 30, 2015

NSA can track everyone's phone calls again -- for a while
Bulk data collection allowed to resume after a surveillance court judge rules that Congress meant to keep the NSA's program going until November.
by Laura Hautala
Marvel leaps from video game to comic book
The venerable comic book maker has inspired movies, television shows and video games. Now, for the first time, the trend is working in reverse.
by Ian Sherr

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