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Ray Ozzie's new app reimagines the phone call

One of Bill Gates' all-time favorite programmers is back after pondering the hypothetical: what would people do if the phone had never been invented before the Internet came along?

Scientists make quantum leap, teleport data farther than ever

Researchers teleport data an unprecedented distance -- making the instant transfer of data across the Internet more of a reality.

iPhone 6 models 'set gold standard' in photo, video quality tests

In a noteworthy test of photo and video image quality, Apple's new iPhones bump aside Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

Polaroid's $99 nostalgia-fueled Cube seeks its spot in the G...
Adobe's Aviary acquisition signals broader ambitions
Fleets of floating robots could soon surveil the oceans
Silicon Valley talent wars: Engineers, come get your $250K s...

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24 minutes agoPhonesby

Costing $200 to make, the iPhone 6 should offer big profits for Apple

Judging from a teardown by researcher IHS, the manufacturing costs of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus should help Apple maintain its margins -- among the highest in the smartphone market.

2 hours agoInternetby

Amazon outage hits site globally, prevents some customers from placing orders

A customer service representative tells CNET the company's servers have been down since about 10 a.m. PT and may not be back up for several hours.

6 hours agoOperating Systemsby

iOS 8.0.1 reportedly on tap to fix bugs in iOS 8

Allegedly already in hands of mobile carriers for testing, the update would address glitches with the phone, keypad, and Safari, a source tells MacRumors.

9 hours agoTabletsby

Rumors of Apple iPad event in late October build

A report this week suggests only a new iPad Air will make an appearance at an expected Apple event next month, with the iPad Mini coming early next year.


Talko and the evolution of phone calls

The way we talk on phones may change with new messaging apps, half of Apple mobile devices upgraded to iOS 8, and Polaroid Cube takes a different approach to video capture.

12 minutes agoAppliancesby

ARM unveils the new workhorse of its embedded chips line

The Cortex-M7 will join a series of chip designs that have already become part of 8 billion micro-controllers and embedded chips on the market.

22 minutes agoSci-Techby

Scientists make quantum leap, teleport data farther than ever

In another breakthrough in the weird, wonky world of quantum physics, researchers teleport data an unprecedented distance -- making the instant transfer of data across the Internet more of a reality.

28 minutes agoCraveby

Harvard-made lung muscle could yield asthma insights

Scientists synthesize human airway tissue, and in hopes of finding better asthma medication, watch it react to a variety of chemicals.


Samsung is working on a mobile payments smartwatch with Paypal

The mobile payments space got competitive quickly and Samsung and Paypal are teaming up to take on Apple.

1 hour agoTechnically Incorrectby

Will this cat video be Microsoft's phone sales breakthrough?

Redmond holds a contest to see who can make the best video using a cell phone. The winner -- filmed, miraculously, on a Lumia 930 -- is a, um, "catz" video.


Improve sound quality on your MacBook

If you listen to a lot of music or watch movies on your MacBook, there are ways to pump up the volume and enhance your experience.

1 hour agoCraveby

Retro spy gear revs up future of 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Crave's Kelsey Adams gets ready for the new season of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." with a quick salute to the Howling Commandos' EMP joy buzzer and other old-school fun.

2 hours agoAppleby

Don't let your iPhone 6 go naked: Making the case for a case

Living with the iPhone 6, part 4, where Scott Stein admits he's just not comfortable letting this new iPhone go unsheathed.


Behold, the Aerelight OLED desk lamp (pictures)

This pricey desk lamp offers touch controls, wireless phone charging, and a flat, futuristic OLED.


Getting to know the updated Mail app in iOS 8

CNET's Dan Graziano highlights the new features iPhone and iPad users will find in Apple's updated Mail app

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