Internet of Things gets a hand from ARM's new OS

The UK-based chip designer's new operating system is among several efforts, including the work of standards groups and a new wireless protocol, designed to speed the adoption of the Internet of Things.

'Ghost Gunner' can build untraceable, homemade guns

Defense Distributed's newest project is a PC-connected milling machine that aims to streamline the process of self-assembling AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.

Verizon gets in on double-data action

Verizon plays catchup with offers by Sprint and AT&T to increase amount of data on existing family plans.

Chromecast challenger Matchstick beats Kickstarter goal
Surprise! Microsoft jumps to Windows 10
Facebook apologizes to gay community, alters identity policy
Pressure's on: eBay needs to deliver after PayPal's spin-off

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6 hours agoSecurityby

Police-boosted parental control app is a privacy mess, says report

So-called Internet safety software ComputerCop, often given to families for free by their local police departments, puts children and personal data at risk, a new report alleges.

8 hours agoOperating Systemsby

Is this why Microsoft named it Windows 10?

Seemingly everyone on the Net has a theory as to why Microsoft skipped the name "Windows 9" and jumped to 10. Here's one explanation that actually makes sense.

11 hours agoMobile Accessoriesby

Verizon TV without FiOS? It's coming

Verizon pins down rights for content from the parent of MTV and Comedy Central, after its CEO said the company plans to launch a wireless TV service next year.

12 hours agoMobileby

Verizon backs off on plans to throttle unlimited data users

The company said it has made its decision after "ongoing dialogue" about its network optimization plan.

17 hours agoSoftwareby

Windows 10 arriving -- here's a look at 30 years of Windows

Come with us on a three-decade trip through time to see how Bill Gates' baby took over the world.

18 hours agoSoftwareby

Microsoft shows off Sway presentation app for Office

The application, available today in preview form, is the newest member of the Office family.


Golden iPads, larger Nexus phone may come this month

Hype for Apple's next iPad grows with reports of a gold model, Google's Nexus 6 may stretch in size, and Microsoft adds Sway to the Office suite.

4 hours agoTechnically Incorrectby

Microsoft's new NFL ads for Xbox are very funny

"Very funny" and "NFL" haven't really gone together lately. Microsoft tries to change that.

4 hours agoGamingby

Civilization: Beyond Earth trailer marks a new beginning for civilization

A 10-minute gameplay trailer for Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth has hit, and it looks like the space-age take on the classic series makes some interesting changes to the formula.

5 hours agoTechnically Incorrectby

Jimmy Kimmel tops McAfee's list of 'most dangerous celebrities'

In the firm's annual report on the celebrity names most likely to lead to virus-laden pages from Web searches, the late-night host beats out Chelsea Handler and Bruce Springsteen.

8 hours agoGamingby

Pokémon finally launches on iOS, kind of

An official Pokémon game has finally arrived for mobile, but it's not quite what fans have been asking for: it's a digital trading card game.

8 hours agoCraveby

'Man in the Moon' gets a new origin story

Many have assumed the craters roughly forming the shape of a human face on the moon's surface were formed by space rocks, but new research supports the claim that it came from within our only natural satellite.

8 hours agoTomorrow Dailyby

Tomorrow Daily 061: Underskin digital tattoo, Dexmo glove for Oculus, a new AI, and more

On today's show, we check out a new digital tattoo prototype that goes under your skin, a virtual reality glove for Oculus, and a smart new AI named "Amelia." Oh, and we explain why you shouldn't break the iPhones at the Apple store (or any phones at any store, for that matter).

9 hours agoMobile Appsby

Crazy (but useful) free keyboards for iOS 8

We've already seen the early swipe keyboards for iOS, but this collection of free apps has some of the more wacky alternatives that still manage to be useful.

9 hours agoOperating Systemsby

How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview from a flash drive

Ready to take Windows 10 for a spin? All you need is an available PC, a flash drive and a free utility.

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