$99 Prime arrives, with questions in tow

The idea behind Amazon’s subscription service is that it's worth the annual fee for the convenience and low prices. CNET takes a look at how much money customers are really saving.

Can Guy Kawasaki 'democratize' design Down Under?

Kawasaki, who was Apple's first chief evangelist, puts his attention on Canva, a Sydney-based graphic design tech company.

Google Glass sells out in one-day sale

Company tells prospective Glass buyers: "That's all, folks." Well, for now, that is.

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14 minutes agoPhonesby

Aio Wireless says groups are the new family

The prepaid arm of AT&T launches Group Save to entice adding friends to family plans.

17 minutes agoCraveby

3D-milled ice cubes get brief, beautiful life

A Japanese creative agency applies "cutting edge" technology to chunks of ice to create multidimensional mini sculptures best enjoyed over -- or in -- a cocktail.

19 minutes agoThe Audiophiliacby

US-made headphone delivers great bass and style

Hand-crafted in Portland, Ore., the 1964 Ears V8 in-ear headphone is a more affordable alternative to the leading brands' high-end models.

25 minutes agoGamingby

Crossed up! Anki Drive unveils new cars and first new tracks

The game featuring artificially intelligent cars is expanding, meaning players can buy all-new racing tracks, as well as two new cars. There's also a free software update opening up a set of new racing tools.

27 minutes agoInternetby

Turn Twitter into a TV remote control with magic #WatchOnSky tweets

British broadcaster Sky, home of "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men", is following Comcast with magic hashtags that let you watch or record your favourite shows from your Twitter app.

30 minutes agoAudioby

Why music anywhere, anytime, is awesome

On which I respond to Steve Guttenberg, and a few folks from the comment section, about the “correct” way to listen to music.

32 minutes agoPhonesby

Samsung email pointed to Steve Jobs' death as 'best opportunity to attack iPhone'

A 2011 Samsung email lamented the wave of press coverage over Jobs' passing, calling it an "unintended benefit for Apple" and the iPhone and pushing for a reaction.

1 hour agoInternetby

'Superb' app matches people with places

Pick up this new iPhone app and swipe to see which of your pals is also dying to try the new bar down the street.

1 hour agoCraveby

Look for tiny clues with 'Sherlock' collector dolls

Re-enact your favorite scenes from the hit British show with these fully articulated and highly detailed figures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.


2015 Infiniti Q70L debuts (pictures)

Infiniti shows off its luxury sedan with a stretched wheelbase, setting it up for competition with Mercedes-Benz and Lexus.

1 hour agoNew York auto show 2014by

Crash your carbon fiber i3 EV? Here's how BMW will fix it.

The use of carbon fiber in the frame of the BMW i3 has many worried about high repair costs. BMW gives us an inside look at why it won't be so bad.

1 hour agoWearable Techby

Which Galaxy devices sync with Samsung Gear 2, Neo, and Fit?

Samsung has revealed the 20 Galaxy phones and tablets that sync with the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches -- oh, and the HTC One M8 sneaks onto the list too.


Repairing the carbon fiber BMW i3 (pictures)

BMW gives us an inside look at how to repair the carbon fiber BMW i3.


2015 Toyota Camry unveiled in New York (pictures)

Toyota showcases the "sportiest Camry yet" with the reveal of the 2015 Camry XSE.

2 hours agoCraveby

'Bleak Movies' coloring book replaces blood with bunnies

"Reservoir Dogs," "Seven," "The Exorcist," and other disturbing movies get a kid-friendly restyling thanks to artist Todd Spence who wants to swap screams with smiles.

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