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Samsung bets big on April 10 launch of Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Sprint, AT&T and other carriers have lined up with a wide range of pricing options for consumers. Samsung has a lot riding on getting off to a good start.

​Intel, Micron, Toshiba promise storage that's fast and roomy

Good news for laptop and smartphone buyers: A novel flash-memory design should cut costs and boost capacity.

Sprint CEO: Without Net neutrality rules, we're toast

Marcelo Claure defends the company's stance as the only major wireless operator to support the FCC's new Net neutrality regulation.

Periscope dethrones Meerkat in bid for live video dominance
Microsoft nabs a Web win in tiff over touchscreens, mice
Pao trial ends on plea for gender equality in tech industry
Fantastic! 'Doctor Who' returned to TV 10 years ago today

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