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Technology to smooth today's travel turbulence

Smartphones, online services and biometric scanners are already easing the way for travelers. Expect even more tech to transform your journeys in the not-too-distant future.

New credit cards aim to protect consumers, banks from hackers

A chip implanted in new cards is designed to stop cybercrime, and stores that haven't upgraded their card-reading terminals will be on the hook for fraudulent charges.

iPhone 6S review: Subtle upgrades make a superlative device

3D Touch promises a new type of input on iPhones. It joins a better camera and faster chip on the 6S. Does that equal a must-have upgrade?

More top storiesOctober 4, 2015

Google wants to be tech's one-stop shop
The tech giant shows off two smartphones, two streaming devices, a tablet and a new version of its Android software. Google's message is clear: We can be your everything.
by Richard Nieva
IBM and the future of chips
Using tech called carbon nanotubes, Big Blue takes a significant step toward securing computing's future as today's chipmaking technologies lose steam.
by Stephen Shankland

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