9/11 conspiracy theories rampant

Government officials often shape the official version of major events to fit their needs at the time. 90 years after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake a historian concluded the official death toll had been minimized so it would be easier to get support for rebuilding the city on the San Andreas Fault.

The current source of innumerable conspiracy theories is 9/11. Not since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has there been such a flurry, such a rich choice of conspiracy theories. And they're all out there in the blogs.

One woman in rural Pennsylvania is a blog target because she says she took a photo of the smoke rising from Flight 93's crash site.

Arguments over the official report are debated endlessly online. Some sites such as 911truth are focused only on the latest activity around the anti-official versions of what happened or may have happened. Why did the World trade Tower collapse? Did the U.S. shoot down Flight 93 in Pennsylvania? Did a plane really hit the Pentagon? Pick your doubt.

An online documentary produced by three young men in Oneonta, New York, has gotten noticed by big-time distributors. "Loose Change"so far is seen only online or through web-sold DVD. That'll change when the doc makes its theatre debut at Sundance 2007. One of the co-producers of the doc was a infantryman in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Now he's getting interviewed for blogs.

Who you gonna believe?

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