64GB iPhone incoming, according to tipster

A tipster has leaked information on an incoming 64GB iPhone, meaning more storage space for your movies, music, TV shows and apps.

This one's been running since before the iPhone 4 launched last year, but now we have fresh reason to believe a 64GB iPhone is incoming.

Apple site 9to5mac says it's received a tip from its mysterious Mr. X revealing that the next iPhone will come in three different capacities. Could they possibly be 16, 32 and 64GB, just like the iPad 2?

Earlier in the week some new iPhones showed up in Apple's inventory , with two new models rumoured. It wouldn't make sense for Apple to sell an 8GB iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S/5, so the S or 5 could well come in 16, 32 and 64GB flavours.

Apple already sells a 64GB iPod Touch and iPad after all, so what would stop it producing a same size iPhone?

Prototypes have been doing the rounds for almost two years now, if you believe the internet rumours. An image purporting to be a 64GB iPhone leaked earlier this year , though whether it's genuine, and whether it'll ever go on sale, is unknown.

Other rumours for Apple's big unveil on Tuesday include a 4.3-inch screen on the iPhone 5 , 8-megapixel camera , and a new, tapered design . The iPhone 4S , a tweaked iPhone 4, is also expected to launch, though some say it'll be the only new handset on show.

Apple is also expected to refresh its iPod line, possibly axing the iPod Classic and Shuffle . It's already removed clickwheel games from iTunes , after all.

Would you buy a 64GB iPhone? Or would the high price put you off? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Picture credit: 9to5mac.

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