4G rules at CTIA

CTIA 2010 offers us 4G news, Android firsts, and messaging phones galore. Check out CNET's complete coverage.

See ya, CTIA. Kent German/CNET

As we pack our bags to leave Las Vegas, It's time to reflect on the CTIA that was. After a sleeper of a show last year, 2010 was quite eventful. The show floor was busier, the announcements were bigger, and there was more of a buzz permeating the Las Vegas Convention Center. It can be hard to keep track of it all, so here's a summary of what we saw.

Sprint and HTC grabbed most of the spotlight when they announced their new HTC Evo 4G . The Evo is more than just hype; it's slick and powerful and Sprint has a growing WiMax network (it might switch to LTE , however). Indeed, we liked it so much that we named it the top phone at CTIA . Yet, Sprint was not alone in pushing 4G; MetroPCS and Samsung announced the LTE-equipped SCH-r900 for Las Vegas and other markets later this year. Read Maggie Reardon's recent take on 4G for a great perspective on how the technology could develop. T-Mobile tried to counter the 4G news by promoting its 3G network and AT&T execs advocated for more spectrum .

Just like at CES and Mobile World Congress, Android went big at CTIA this year. We saw the first Android phone from Nextel , Kyocera's first Android handset , a Dell Android device , and the promising Samsung Galaxy S . Oh, and did we mention that the Evo 4G runs Android 2.1? Nice.

Other phones
LG announced an eco-friendly phone for Sprint, the LG Remarq , and a basic handset for Verizon Wireless, the LG Cosmos . Nicole Lee visited LG to handle both phones and she took a closer look at the LG Arena , the LG Wine II , and both the LG BL40 and BL20 . AT&T promoted its new messaging phones and cloud services at the show. It had the Pantech Link and Pursuit and the Samsung Strive and Sunburst . If you're looking for a user-friendly phone for the senior set, try the Just5 , and if you like the unusual , see the Kempler & Strauss W Phonewatch .

Accessories and service
Last, but not least, there was quite a bit of accessory and service news. Nicole delved into Bluetoothland with the BlueAnt T1 , the Samsung Modus HM1000 , and the other Samsung models . AT&T launched a new music service , HTC announced a new online store for its phones and accessories, and Verizon Wireless said it would start its own app store . And from Download.com, Jessica Dolcourt covered Opera's browser submission for the iTunes App Store , the new Yahoo iPhone app , Firefox's mobile browser , Verizon and Skype Mobile , and PayPal's "bump" feature for Android and BlackBerry .

That wraps it up from Sin City. See you next year CTIA, in Orlando.


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