49 iPhone games that would rock with a controller

With a slew of iPhone game controllers on the horizon alongside iOS 7, CNET's rounded down some of the top games that would just play better with a real controller.

Real Racing series - Free (iTunes, GameSpot)

Real Racing 3
Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

The Real Racing series began as an indie hit before its developers were snapped up by Electronic Arts. The latest, Real Racing 3, is arguably the best-looking of the series , though has attracted controversy for its use of in-app purchases. The gameplay itself, however, remains as tight as ever for a racing game, with plenty of ways to adjust the controls from accelerometer to onscreen buttons. With very pretty visuals, getting your fingers off the screen, even for braking, would be a welcome addition.

Crazy Taxi - $4.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)


Sega's classic passenger delivery game has made a graceful transition to portable devices, but can be frustrating if you miss a deadline because of a control misstep. Proper hardware controls for the side-to-side steering, gas, and brake would ease things up a bit.

Mad Skills Motocross - 99 cents (iTunes, GameSpot)

Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET

This motorcycle-racing game can be tough as nails, even if you have good controls. The onscreen buttons are actually quite good, but the PC and Mac version of this game prove it's already tuned for physical buttons.

Reckless Racing series - $1.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)


There are five different control settings in this game, and there's even a way to change both where on the screen and how sensitive they are, but an analog stick for steering would be mighty nice.

Bike Baron - 99 cents (iTunes, GameSpot)

Mountain Sheep

Yep, it's another motorcycle game on this list, but instead of just being a racer, there's some platforming and strategy in this game that would make physical controls nice to have.

Slingshot Racing - 99 cents (iTunes, GameSpot)

Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Another one-tap game on the list that makes it a hard sell for physical controls. But the need to tap at very precise times puts that into question.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing - $1.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)


"Oh, not another Sonic game!" you're saying. Well, without Mario Kart on the iPhone, we've got this port of the 2009 console game. Like others on this list, the controls are a mix of touch and tilt, and could certainly be tightened up with some real buttons.

Need for Speed series - $6.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)


Same old spiel as before -- you're frequently going more than 120 miles an hour on rails. A D-pad and some buttons for brake and gas are nice.

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