49 iPhone games that would rock with a controller

With a slew of iPhone game controllers on the horizon alongside iOS 7, CNET's rounded down some of the top games that would just play better with a real controller.

League of Evil series - $6.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)

Ravenous Games

This deviously difficult platformer's primary goal seems to be to inflict pain on the player, but it's also quite a bit of fun. What's not fun is heading to your death because you misjudged the onscreen controls. To the game's credit, there are just four buttons, though they'd be better as physical controls.

Paper Monsters - 99 cents (iTunes, GameSpot)

Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET

This charming platformer actually has some of the tightest and most intuitive controls around, along with ways to change whether you even see any onscreen buttons. Some levels can be quite difficult, though, and would likely be easier with hardware.

Soosiz - 99 cents (iTunes, GameSpot)

Touch Foo

Touch Foo's 2009 breakout platformer Soosiz has largely been abandoned at this point. There's no iPhone 5 or fifth-generation iPod Touch support, for example. But this mind-bending platform puzzler still holds up well, with tight controls. Better yet, to enjoy the game and its slightly smaller screen footprint without your fingers in the way.

Swordigo - $1.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)

Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Touch Foo took its great touch controls from Soosiz and brought them over to this platforming adventure game. Some tightly timed jumps and button tapping later in the game are well-suited for a controller.

Sonic The Hedgehog series - $4.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)


Sega's Sonic series was one of the darlings of 16-bit platforming, and has made a graceful leap to handhelds both as episodes of Sonic 4, and revamps of classics like Sonic 2, 3, and CD. On some of the older titles, the lack of physical controls can be particularly maddening on the more difficult levels. Not to mention, revving up a spin dash is far more fun with a real button to mash.

Storm in a Teacup - $4.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)


Storm in a Teacup's difficulty ramps up well over its 40 levels, and is full of ways to end your life later on. Once again we've got some simple controls that would shine as real buttons.

Super Crate Box - $1.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)


When we first played this, we weren't quite sure if it was a game or a psychological experiment to determine how long it would take before wanting to throw our iOS device across the room in frustration. To be honest, we're still not quite sure. This retro-inspired platformer is as unforgiving as it gets, and works very well with an iCade, making it a shoo-in for upcoming hardware.

The Incident - 99 cents (iTunes, GameSpot)

Big Bucket Software

The Incident is actually a poster child for the benefits of accelerometer-based gaming, though the simple side to side and jump controls beg for a D-pad. You can actually use an iPhone or iPod Touch as a controller for this with the iPad version of the game, providing a tantalizing taste of how it could be with real hardware.

Badland - $3.99 (iTunes, GameSpot)


You only need one finger to play this game, but it's so downright pretty, it's a shame to cover any of it up. This game won a 2013 Apple Design Award for its looks, but it also turns out to be a very good game to boot.

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