Intel's Skylake chips to power PCs as thin as tablets, with big battery boost

The company highlights new Windows 10 devices using its new processors -- including an updated Intel Compute Stick -- at the IFA electronics show in Berlin.


New Xperia Z5 smartphones stick to Sony's high-end mantra

The company unveils three smartphones targeting affluent users but still hasn't figured out how to avoid getting lost in the shuffle behind Apple and Samsung.

Uber suffers loss as drivers' suit gains class action status

A California judge rules that the employee vs. independent-contractor case that was limited to three drivers can now be expanded to 160,000.

More top storiesSeptember 2, 2015

Hulu finally cuts all the ads if you pay up
The streaming TV service has long stuck subscribers with the same commercial breaks as traditional television. Now for $12 a month -- that's $4 more than a regular subscription -- the ads finally vamoose.
by Joan E. Solsman
The smartphone with crazy cloud storage just hit its Kickstarter goal
Startup Nextbit, run by former Google and HTC executives, hit its goal of selling $500,000 worth of smartphones -- in a single day.
by Roger Cheng

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