25 million Led Zeppelin fans?

How many of the 25 million reported inquiries for the Led Zeppelin reunion are automated robots sent out by scalpers?

Like many other suburban American males who grew up in a certain era, I [hearted] Led Zeppelin. And while my ardor's diminished considerably since adolescence, they're one of very few bands I discovered decades ago that I still enjoy today. (In contrast, I can't believe I actually own a half dozen Doors LPs.)

So when Led Zeppelin announced a one-show reunion (with their original drummer's son on drums) to celebrate the life of Ahmet Ertegun, the Atlantic Records cofounder who signed them, I expected it'd be popular. But apparently the registration site for tickets got so much traffic, they've extended the deadline a week. 25 million individual registrations have been reported. For 18,000 tickets.

Of course, as a friend pointed out this morning, some of these requests are probably automated programs sent out by scalpers and other opportunists--the registration site does not have any CAPTCHA system to weed out robots from humans. (CAPTCHA systems display an image file with letters and ask you to type the letters. The acronym stands for "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.")

Even so, with that kind of demand, I think the odds of a full tour are pretty good. Registration's here. Good luck.

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