22 days later: I have escaped from Vonage hell

Escaping from Vonage may well be the hardest thing I'll ever do.

I noted 22 days ago that I was dumping my Vonage service . Unfortunately, I tried to have my Vonage number ported to another service (Comcast's Digital Voice) and three separate attempts to move my number to Comcast failed miserably.

The first two times Vonage told Comcast that the name Comcast was using ("Matt Asay") did not match the name on my Vonage account ("Matt Asay"). Yesterday, Comcast called to inform me that now Vonage was saying it had no record of my account (which is surprising since Vonage happily takes $60+ every month from my credit card).

So today I just canceled my Vonage number, but Vonage didn't make it easy:

Vonage Customer Service Rep: So, you are telling me that you would like to cancel your account?

Me: Yes.

Vonage Customer Service Rep: Can I ask why?

Me: The service has hardly worked for the past year. I'm fed up.

Vonage Customer Service Rep: So you would like to cancel your account because the service has not worked properly for you. Have you tried calling customer support? Our technicians are experts in resolving technical issues.

Me: Yes. I have called many times and the service continues to stink. Please just cancel my account.

Vonage Customer Service Rep: I can get a technician on the phone right now...

Me: Please just cancel my account. I don't want to talk to a technician again. I just want out.

Vonage Customer Service Rep: OK, so you are saying that you want to cancel your service with Vonage and that you do not want to talk to a technician to resolve your service issues. We value your business and would like to give you two free months to demonstrate that we can resolve your issues.

Me: I don't want two free months of unusable phone service. I just want to terminate. Can you please cancel my account?

Vonage Customer Service Rep: So you are saying that you do not want two free months of Vonage service? I would be happy to get technical support on the line with us to resolve your issues.

Me: Please just cancel my service. I just want out!

Vonage Customer Service Rep: You seem to really want to cancel your Vonage service. By doing so you will lose your Vonage phone numbers...

Me: Please! That's exactly what I want. I just want to leave Vonage.

Vonage Customer Service Rep: So you're saying that you would like to cancel your Vonage service....

Eventually I escaped. I think. I've read many reports of Vonage continuing to bill people once they have terminated their contract, so I'm not sure whether I am truly free. The only way to escape may well be to cancel the credit card associated with my Vonage account. But then they'll probably issue me a Vonage card....

Vonage Customer Service Rep: So you're saying you would like to apply for the Vonage credit card?

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