2011 Geneva auto show: 2012 VW Golf Cabriolet

The Golf/Rabbit Cab was a huge seller from 1979 - 2002. Now it's back, though whether that includes the U.S. is a big question.

The Golf cabriolet was just one of those semi-iconic cars. The along came the New Beetle and later the EOS and VW figured there was no place for the Golf Cab. Brian Cooley wonders what they were thinking as he takes you for a walk around the best looking, most appealing open VW of them all.

(CNET's full coverage of the 2011 Geneva auto show)

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Brian Cooley joined CNET in 1995 and always comes at technology from the real consumer's point of view. He brings his high energy, often skeptical style to all avenues of CNET coverage, with an emphasis on car tech. You'll also find him frequently on television, radio and the TV screens at Costco!


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