2010 Ferrari 458 Italia in action!

In today's Web clip, EVO Magazine's Chris Harris breaks down the specs and blazes the English countryside in the hot new Ferrari 458 Italia.

Monday's video blog gave us a quick look at the newest addition to the Ferrari sports car legacy, the 2010 458 Italia. So, today I thought we should delve a little deeper into what the 458 Italia is all about, and this Web video from U.K.-based EVO Magazine not only breaks down the nuts and bolts of this ass kicker, but we also get to bear witness as this "main event" vehicle is taken for a spin on the scenic British country roads. Let's go!

In the first phase of this Web clip, Chris does a great job of explaining the many impressive specs and features of the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia. And then off we go! Chris also breaks down the handling, acceleration, and other driving-oriented features of the 458. Along the way we enjoy both exterior, interior, and driver-side views of what it's like to blaze the asphalt in this fine automobile. Toward the end you can almost feel the jerky, breakneck speeding sensation that any good Ferrari is all about. Lots of screeching wheels and burned rubber, and to any Ferrari fan, that's music to our ears.

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