2007 Tokyo auto show: Day One roundup

2007 Tokyo auto show: Day One roundup

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Amid a blitz of flash photography and drooling automotive journalists, this year's Tokyo auto show opened in style. For gearheads, the star of the first day was the feverishly anticipated Nissan GT-R , whose bulging fenders and gleaming turbocharged V-6 engine inspired a respectful silence from awed onlookers. Concept cars abounded on the first day with highlights including a squished SUV and a mean-looking supercar from Lexus ; a mini-minivan from Volkswagen; and a new take on gasoline-electric driving from Audi . And of course, this wouldn't be Japan without a generous helping of gadgetry. Both Honda and VW had new navigation systems on display, while Denso showed off a driver monitoring system that was close to our hearts --literally. Check out our full coverage of the show here.

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