$20 Android keyboard arrives in US

Now available in North America, the LuxePad A110 is a wired keyboard that plugs into your tablet's Micro-USB port.

The LuxePad A110 wired keyboard sells for just $20.
The LuxePad A110 wired keyboard sells for just $20. Genius

Looking for a low-cost keyboard for your Android tablet? One has just landed in North America.

Previously available abroad, the LuxePad A110 is a wired keyboard made by the folks at Taiwan-based Genius. The $20 keyboard connects to your tablet via its Micro-USB port and offers dedicated keys for locking the screen, playing music, controlling the volume, and handling other tasks. Genius also throws in a stand so you can position your tablet at different angles while you type away.

One caveat: the keyboard's specifications say it supports Android 4.0 or higher, so those of you still stuck on an older flavor would need to upgrade.

How good is a $20 Android keyboard? That's the big question. But at that price it seems worth a shot.

Genius doesn't sell its products directly.Rather, they're sold through third-party retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fry's, NewEgg, and Walmart. I couldn't find the LuxePad A110 listed at Amazon or the other vendors, so it may take some time before the keyboard actually reaches their shelves.

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