1982 'Rocky' anthem gets full iPad treatment

Those who like to follow the travels of Apple's tablet might enjoy this slick and amusing music video.

An "Eye of the Tiger" remix played entirely on iPads and made into a slick and amusing music video. It's no cat-scratching-an-iPad vid, but for those who like to follow the travels of Apple's tablet it's a cool sight nonetheless.

The 1982 Survivor song got the remix treatment with four music apps downloaded from iTunes: RealDrums, Pro Keys, Baby Scratch, and Guitar Mania. Scott Harris, the lead singer, worked on the arrangement and appears in the video alongside Shea Butta and Harold O'Neal, aka Kid Jazz.

The video's director, photographer Jordan Hollender, shot the vid in one day in a N.Y. studio with the help of Diane Collins and Zbabam Productions. He insists no real instruments (or animals) were used in its making.

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