123-Reg takes its users' email down...again (Update)

123-Reg is down...again.

Just when we thought we were out of the woods, 123-Reg is at it again. This time its DNS servers don't seem to be screwing up its customers' web sites, but their email...well, that's another thing entirely.

Email is down for at least some of its customers (including me). This isn't the first time the Pipex-owned domain registrar has decimated its customers' email (the last prominent time being in 2002). But it will certainly be the last time it does this to me.

Update: I just heard from our IT person, and apparently the problem with 123-Reg stems from its inability to let go of its customers who hate its service:

Due to a typo by our domain admin (123-Reg) while moving Alfresco.com name services to a different (and we hope better) provider, information about our email server was not propagated correctly.

Damned if you stay with them, and damned if you don't. Ugh.

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