11 must-see videos from CES 2014

CES 2014 brought us tons of new tech and the return of established favorites. Join CNET TV for a tour of the top videos from the show floor.

LAS VEGAS -- During the full week that we spent at CES 2014, CNET TV was hard at work filming every corner of the annual techapalooza. From stage-shy movie directors to the new Roku TV, we captured it all on camera. So, if you couldn't be in Vegas, here are the top 11 CNET TV videos for your viewing pleasure.

1. Michael Bay quits Samsung's press conference
In an bizarre, -- and painfully awkward -- moment, "Transformers" director Bay walked off the stage during Samsung's press conference before he could chat about one of the company's new curved TVs. Bay later blamed a teleprompter malfunction.

2. Samsung's bendable TV
Annoyed that your curved TV can't lay flat on demand? Worry no longer. A concept 85-inch bendable TV by Samsung can be made flat, and then curved again, with the push of a button on the remote.

3. Pebble Steel smartwatch gets a whole new look
Can better design take the Pebble Steel to the next level? That and a new app store promise to transform the Pebble in 2014.

4. Concept 8K TV shown in Samsung's booth
If 4K just isn't quite sharp enough for you (that is, if you even have it), check out Samsung's 8K demo TV. It's huge and higher-rez, but won't be a real product anytime soon.

5. The massive 27-inch Lenovo Horizon tabletop PC gets thinner
A second-gen version of our favorite megatablet gets thinner and adds updated components and software.

6. Step into a virtual reality with the Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift, the virtual-reality gaming headset that stole the show at last year's CES, was back with its latest prototype. Code-named Crystal Cove, its adds a few key improvements, a higher-resolution screen, and more immersive games.

7. The handsome Martian Notifier offers affordable, advanced phone alerts Martian shows off the $129.99 Notifier smartwatch that features handsome analog looks and high-tech smartphone alerts.

8. Hands on with PlayStation Now
Sony's PlayStation Now will stream PS3 games to the PS4, PS3, Vita, and 2014 Bravia TVs initially, and both rental and subscription plans will be available when it launches this summer.

9. Roku announces Roku TV platform
Roku is partnering with Hisense and TCL to release six TVs this fall that have the company's superb Smart TV platform built-in -- no box required.

10. Razer's Project Christine envisions a build-your-own PC of the future
A sleek rack and pop-out modules cooled with mineral oil? Yes, Razer's bold vision for PC gaming rigs is one part Mac Pro, one part steampunk, and extremely eye-catching.

11. Sony's Xperia Z1 Compact is a tiny, waterproof smartphone
The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact takes the supercharged processor and 20-megapixel camera of its big brother, but packs it into a more pocketable 4.3-inch, waterproof body.

And as a bonus, the CNET CES blooper reel
CES stands for 'Can editors screw up?' Yes, they can. With CES 2014 in the bag, take a look at our CNET editors' highlights from the show floor.

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