10 must-see videos of the week

Apple Byte's reactions to WWDC, The 404 previews E3 2014, and Father's Day tech gifts with a twist.

It's the best of the week in CNET video, right here.

In this week's Apple Byte, Brian Tong dishes out his reactions to the big WWDC announcements and explains what they could mean for the future of the next iPhone, the iWatch, and Apple TV.

And can you believe that E3 is just days away? The 404 breaks down what we expect to see from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, and don't miss our full coverage starting on Monday at 9 a.m. PT with our Microsoft preshow, followed by Sony later in the day at 5:30 p.m. PT.

Our Father's Day gift guide is also a must-watch, with fun, out-of-the-ordinary gift picks that are sure to please Dad this year. Also, the Sony PS Vita Slim and Nintendo 3DS XL duke it out in the latest Prizefight, Brian Cooley explains the technology behind 5G, and our top-rated LED replacement light bulbs.

1. WWDC hints at the next iPhone, the iWatch, and Apple TV
Our reactions to the aftermath of WWDC 14. We'll talk about all the stuff Apple didn't focus on that points directly to the new iPhone, an iWatch, and Apple TV.


2. Sony PS Vita Slim vs Nintendo 3DS XL

It's an all-new Prizefight for handheld gaming supremacy. Sony's newest PS Vita Slim takes on Nintendo's 3DS XL. Who will be crowned King of the Ring?


3. The 404 1,499: Where we preview E3 2014

Scott Stein joins the show to talk about what we expect from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft at E3 2014.


4. Master your Facebook privacy settings

CNET's Dan Graziano shows you how to tighten up your Facebook settings and stay private.


5. The Fix: Get the most out of your dSLR camera

In this week's episode of The Fix, we focus on dSLR camera tips and techniques. We show you how to select the right lens for food, landscape, and portraits. We capture our four-legged pals in action, creating some precious and memorable snapshots. Plus, a free app that lets you snap a picture when you clap your hands.


6. Get ready for the 5G era

Brian Cooley explains the technology behind 5G cellular wireless, when we'll see it, and where it will take us in the future.


7. Forget the tie. Try Wi-Fi cuff links, other gadgets this Father's Day

From gadgets that could improve Dad's golf game to a lawn-mowing robot, CNET's Sumi Das has some high-tech gift suggestions that are sure to stand out.


8. XCAR: Radical SR1 Cup: Your racing career starts here

The Radical SR1 Cup offers an amazing start to anyone interested in participating in motorsports. This entry-level race series might be open to beginners but certainly isn't for the faint-hearted. XCAR jumps into the cockpit to experience it firsthand.


9. Top 5: Best LED light bulbs

Replace your old, soon-to-be outlawed incandescent bulbs with one of these top-rated LED replacement bulbs.


10. World Cup referees to use goal-line technology to settle the score

The time-honored tradition of the FIFA World Cup is getting a surge of new technology when it kicks off in Brazil. This year, the referees will get a sophisticated camera network to help verify goals, reducing the chances of controversy. CNET's Kara Tsuboi explains how this goal-line tech works.

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