10 must-see videos of the week

Highlights from E3, hands-on with Samsung's new iPad-killer and Apple Byte unveils the hottest hidden features in iOS 8.

With E3 under our belt, a Samsung tablet event this past Thursday, and all new episodes of your weekly favorite shows, this week's roundup is chalk full of video awesomeness that'll keep you entertained into the weekend.

Sony unveiled the PlayStation TV (also formerly known as the Vita TV) at E3 earlier this week. At $99, this tiny console can play Vita games, stream PlayStation Now games and has the ability to act as a remote hub for your PS4. And it might be the latest example of the next trend in gaming: the micro-console. Check out our First Take below.

That wasn't the only big announcement this week. At a special tablet event in New York City, Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S, a 10.5-inch and an 8.4-inch Android tablet that's set to take aim at the iPad. Both units are thinner and lighter -- despite offering larger screen sizes. Should Apple be worried?

Also this week: Apple Byte dishes out the latest iPad, iPhone, and iWatch rumors and offers up the hottest hidden features in iOS 8 Apple hasn't yet shown you; CNET on Cars takes a broader look at 4G in cars; and how to finally put an end to those annoying invites on Facebook.

1. PlayStation TV is the smallest console at E3
Sony's PlayStation TV console lets you stream PS4 games, play Vita games, and access PlayStation Now.

2. Samsung Tab S: Premium Android tablet line has Apple's iPads in its sights

Equipped with a new AMOLED display and svelte design, the Galaxy S Tab, which comes in 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch versions, is Samsung's latest answer to the iPad.

3. The hidden features in iOS 8 Apple didn't show you

We'll update you with the latest iPad, iPhone and iWatch rumors. The hottest iOS 8 features Apple didn't show us at WWDC. Plus, Ariel comes back to the office.

4. Print wirelessly from an iOS device

Use AirPrint to send documents and photos directly to your printer over Wi-Fi.

5. E3 2014 quick-fire wrap up

Jeff Bakalar and Scott Stein blast through six questions that wrap up the story and final word on E3 2014.

6. Digital detox camp: Hand over your phone, get a cookie

Adults seeking to relive happy childhood memories can sign up for a weekend summer camp, but they have to surrender all gadgets including phones, tablets, and even watches. CNET's Kara Tsuboi takes us to the camp that's drawing hundreds of people from around the country.

7. Why 4K streaming could be the future of TV

2014 is shaping up to be the year of 4K content. CNET's Brian Cooley tells you about the early hubs for 4K and why it won't clog your broadband pipe.

8. Diving into the latest Project Morpheus games at E3 2014

Three game demos at E3 show how Sony's VR headset could be used in all sorts of ways: join us as we sword-fight, space-battle and street-luge virtually.

9. The Audi A3 remarkably moves the top tech down-market

The Audi A3 bucks the trend of tech for the richest, 4G in cars explained, and the latest learnings about teens and driving.

10. How to block people and invites on Facebook

CNET's Dan Graziano shows you how to put an end to those annoying app invites on Facebook.

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