10 must-see videos of the week

Become a home theater expert, save $20 on your Amazon Prime membership, and find out where to view March Madness games.

It's Friddday! Which means it's time to roundup the best of the week in CNET video.

In our latest installment of our new How-To, DIY-tech series, The Fix, our resident how-to guru's offer up expert advice on building the ultimate home theater. They'll show you how to easily and affordably install a TV, give you tips on choosing the right screen size, as well as our top three ways to add audio to your home theater. You'll be your own home theater specialist by episode's end.

Earlier this week, Amazon revealed that it would be increasing it's Prime subscription service by $20 to $99 a year. But we've got a very clever workaround that will lock you in at it's current price of $79 a year. Watch the video to see how!

Plus: We talk iOS 8 and Apple TV rumors in the latest Apple Byte; Adventures in Tech takes us through some the more positive moments in BlackBerry's past; and where and how to watch March Madness games on your TV, computer, and mobile devices.

1. The Fix: Building a home theater
CNET's newest how-to and DIY show features useful tips to easily install your television, get the best sound quality, and select the right screen size.

2. Apple Byte: iOS 8 looks to bring new Maps and augmented reality
You probably updated to iOS 7.1 but rumors point to new Maps, iTunes Radio, and more in iOS 8. The Apple TV could bring motion controls, and our Steve Jobs figure winners!

3. Save $20 on your Amazon Prime membership
Amazon recently raised the price of Prime to $99 but we'll show you how to save $20 and lock-in for $79.

4. Top 5: Simple smart home upgrades
Five simple pieces of technology that will make your home smarter.

5. Adventures in Tech: What BlackBerry did right
BlackBerry is lying in ruin -- but believe it or not, it had some good ideas in its time. Here's what BlackBerry did right.

6. Razer Blade packs a slim gaming laptop behind a higher-res screen
The weak display in last year's Razer Blade gaming laptop is swapped out for an amazing 3,200x1,800 one.

7. Ways to view March Madness
It's a fact: Productivity drops in March as millions of people put down their work and pick up their remotes to tune into the annual NCAA basketball tournament. If you'd like in on the action, CNET's Kara Tsuboi tells us how to view the games on your TV, computer, or mobile device so you never miss a minute.

8. Googlicious: A smartwatch won't be Google's only wearable
Google offers their Android SDK for wearables to all developers, the Chromecast goes worldwide, and Samsung releases their Milk Music service.

9. Mophie Space Pack: A killer iPhone battery case with storage
The Mophie Space Pack protects your iPhone, acts as a battery, and also gives you extra storage space for your media.

10. Map-free travel with the Navigate Jacket
Pedestrian accidents are on the rise with people looking at their smartphones as they walk around. Now, a high-tech jacket has been developed to help people keep their heads up so they don't have to look at maps as they walk around. As CNET's Sumi Das shows us, the jacket has sensors that vibrate and light up to guide you.

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