10 must-see videos of the week

Previewing Mobile World Congress, our most wanted Galaxy S5 features, and rad robots and odd tech toys from Toy Fair.

Our coverage of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, kicks off this weekend, and to get you pumped up for the biggest and baddest mobile showcase of the year, we're offering up a preview of what's in store in a new Inside Scoop. While we expect some interesting unveilings from Nokia, Sony, LG and other major mobile players, one of the hottest news items so far is the rumored announcement of the Galaxy S5 from Samsung. In this week's Top 5, we're rounding up some of the features we're dying to see in the new Galaxy iteration. And make sure you stay glued to CNET for our full coverage of the show, starting this Sunday.

Other hot happenings this week included the annual Toy Fair in New York. Check out the video of some of Scott Stein's favorite funky robots, RC vehicles and other odd remote-controlled critters from the show. (For more toys, also check out Bridget Carey's journey.)

And is the E550 Cabriolet truly the perfect Mercedes? Brian Cooley took this ragtop for a spin and explains why he thinks it is. Plus: A worthy $400 iPad Mini alternative, tech to help you survive an avalanche, and the latest rumblings from Apple.

1. Inside Scoop: Samsung S5 and other Mobile World Congress soothsayings
All eyes are on Barcelona, Spain, to see what mobile trends and gadgets could be hitting store shelves in the coming months. CNET's Kara Tsuboi talks to senior editor Jessica Dolcourt about features she'd like to see from a new Samsung Galaxy S5, including a brighter screen and a fingerprint reader.

2. Top 5: Most wanted Samsung Galaxy S5 features
Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone offer enough to make you upgrade? We count down the most-wanted features.

3. Fly, shoot, and drive: the best robots and RC vehicles of Toy Fair
Spiders, planes, and dancing robots! Here's the best of what we saw in NYC.


4. Googlicious: Details on the Galaxy S5's rumored fingerprint scanner
Samsung's rumored fingerprint scanner looks to do a lot more than Apple's Touch ID. HTC will unveil their next flagship phone on March 25, and Google doesn't like "Flappy" things.


5. Tech to help you survive an avalanche
From air bags to mobile apps to the newest distress beacons, CNET's Sumi Das shows you the tech you should and shouldn't depend on if you decide to explore the backcountry.


6. CNET on Cars: The new BMW 4 Series
The BMW 428i explained, why smaller cars can be more dangerous, and how to drive an automatic transmission. (No, seriously!)


7. Apple Byte: Apple's been working on health monitoring headphones
A new patent granted reveals Apple's push into health technology goes beyond an iWatch. Steve Jobs' 30 year mouse is recovered and our JBL Pulse giveaway.


8. Nintendo 3DS XL revisited: a pretty great place to play games
Is it as versatile as a phone? Will it play all the games your console does? No, but the 3DS has some pretty special games all its own, and that's made the XL an even better system than before.


9. Car Tech: 2014 Mercedes E550 Cabriolet
CNET's Brian Cooley takes a drive in the new 2014 Mercedes-Benz E550 ragtop and tells you why he thinks it just might be the perfect Mercedes.


10. With OneDrive, Microsoft has its head in the cloud
Microsoft revamps and renames its SkyDrive cloud system, now called OneDrive, with hopes that users will store their photos, video, and documents there. CNET's Kara Tsuboi speaks with Chris Jones, vice president of Microsoft's OS Services Group, about the features.

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