10 must-see videos of 2013

We're bringing you the best of 2013, caught on tape.

We've sifted through hours upon hours of video content to bring to you some of our favorite must-see videos of the year. This hand-picked list of items takes you around the globe, from a live torture test at CES in Las Vegas involving liquid nitrogen, to checking out a sexy concept car in Frankfurt, as well as a couple brand-spanking-new shows, including two from our friends in the UK. We're bringing you the very best of the year.

So before we say goodbye to 2013, let's look fondly back at some of the greatest moments of the year.

1. Live torture tests at CES 2013: iPad gets dunked in liquid nitrogen!
Molly Wood and Brian Tong host an extreme torture test at CES in Las Vegas. See highlights from our 9-foot-tall ladder drop test and liquid nitrogen wild card test.

2. Exploring expert guidance through Glass
Google Glass is more than just a wearable camera -- it's a way to receive real-time coaching with video chats. CNET's Bridget Carey dons Glass and gets a lesson in archery while in a Google+ Hangout.

3. Lexus LF-NX Concept
Lexus flaunts sharp edges on this teaser of a new hybrid compact crossover at the 2013 Frankfurt auto show.

4. Comic-Con 2013: 3D imaging at the GameSpot booth
Check out The 404 Show's Jeff Bakalar as he explores the tech behind GameSpot's impressive 3D photo booth here at Comic-Con 2013.

5. Google Now vs. Siri: The rematch
With the release of iOS 7 and Android 4.4, we bring the two most powerful virtual assistants back into the battle room to find out which one is smarter, faster, and most helpful.

6. Check out the set of 'NCIS' with Pauley Perrette and her tech toys
Kevin Frazier, co-anchor of OMG Insider, takes you behind the scenes with Pauley Perrette on the "NCIS" set and all the toys she plays with. Plus, CNET Senior Editor Brian Tong breaks down Bose vs. Beats and how to be a star on social media.

7. Adventures in Tech: Why the iPhone 4 was the best iPhone ever
Spellbinding hardware and incredible longevity are just a few reasons why Apple's fourth smartphone was the definitive model.

8. Rage Comet R: Off Road Supercar
The Rage Comet R is equally at home on the track, off-road, and in the air. We were lucky enough to see it take on all three. Fast.

9. Prizefight: Sony PS4 vs. Microsoft Xbox One
It's a throwdown for next-gen gaming supremacy. Sony's PlayStation 4 takes on Microsoft's Xbox One for the first of many battles in the gaming console wars. Who reigns supreme?

10. CNET's Sharon Vaknin slays the Mondo robotic spider
At CES 2013 in Las Vegas, CNET's Sharon Vaknin checks out EatArt's 50-foot mechanical snake and takes the reins on the Mondo robotic spider.

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