10 exciting concept cars for 2011

CNET Car Tech rounds up the 10 most interesting concept cars from the 2010-11 auto show season.

Nissan ESFlow
Nissan presented the ESFlow electric sports car concept at the 2011 Geneva auto show. Wayne Cunningham/CNET

From Paris to New York, automakers showed off their latest concept cars over the last seven months. These design and technology explorations were intended to incite buzz among auto show goers and demonstrate the future direction of their creators.

Many concepts, such as the Kia Pop, are odd-looking vehicles that will never see production. Then there are concepts such as the Jaguar C-X75 that we dream about night after night, despite the fact that Jaguar doesn't plan to build it.

The Ford Vertrek concept, and others like it, represent a future design idea for a specific model. Then there's the Alfa Romeo 4C, a gorgeous small sports car for which the Italian automaker laid out definite production plans.

Check out the 10 most exciting concept cars of the last international auto show season.


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