10 biggest computer flops of all time

From the Apple Newton to Microsoft's Bob

Apple 3

If nothing else, you've got to admire Miguel Carrasco for attempting the impossible feat of naming the "10 biggest computer flops of all time." (Impossible because everyone will have a different opinion of what should be on the list.)

Three of the 10 entries on the developer's Real World blog are Apple products--the Newton, the Apple 3 and the Lisa--a disproportionate ratio that would surely be flame bait for Mac fanatics. But some of the software entries are indisputable, such as Microsoft 's Bob, the newbie software that's been fodder for geekfest jokes for more than a decade.

We won't spoil the surprise for the No. 1 entry. Oh all right, here's a hint: It's bigger than a breadbox and more than 30 years old. And no, it's not Gil Amelio.

(Photo: Miguel Carrasco's Real World)

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