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CTIA Fall 2011 wrap-up

Yet another fall edition of CTIA is over, and Android rules the roost once again. We saw AT&T let loose a few phones with the green robot OS, took a closer hands-on look at the latest shiny phones, and even played with a tablet or two.


HTC Titan, HTC Radar on video from CTIA

CNET finally got a First Look at the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar.


CTIA's fall show fights for relevancy

Even though we saw several new phones at CTIA, consumer attention flutters elsewhere to the arrival of the iPhone 4S, and rumors of the Motorola Droid Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Even the phones that were announced weren't too much to get excited about. Should there be a CTIA fall show at all?


Introducing the phones of CTIA (photos)

The fall installation of CTIA has come to a close, but the phones will live on! Here's the complete collection of what we saw on the floor.


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<p>We sure saw a lot of smartphones (and a tablet) at CTIA, but not all of them were announced at the show. Some we've known about for a while, and this was the first we've been able to get in the way of video or hands-on photos. So here's the haul.</p>

<p>A Huawei-made 7-inch tablet, the <a href="">T-Mobile SpringBoard</a> runs on a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and runs on T-Mobile's "4G" speeds. There's no pricing yet, but it should slide in under $200.</p>

The phones (and tablet) of CTIA fall 2011

CTIA was the first time we got photos or video for 17 new phones (and a tablet).


Why Microsoft missed a golden opportunity at CTIA

There are at least six easy things Microsoft could have done to get into this weeks CTIA headlines. Microsoft, I hope you're listening.

Screenshots from 3LM's new security service.

Mobile devices increasingly bridging work, personal lives

This year's fall CTIA confab was a showcase for programs and services that should help companies let their employees use their personal devices for work.


T-Mobile SpringBoard Honeycomb tablet: Hands-on video!

Can't wait to see the SpringBoard in person? Our hands-on video is the next best thing.


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Pantech Jest 2, Pantech Hotshot hands-on

At CTIA in San Diego, we caught sight of the Pantech Jest 2 and the Pantech Hotshot, both of which we have yet to see in person even though they have already been announced.

Another season, another CTIA. The CTIA Enterprise & Applications show has always been smaller than the larger, more high-profile CTIA Wireless show in the spring. This week's San Diego show lost its headline act when Samsung Electronics and Google cancelled their big announcement, but other companies such as AT&T and T-Mobile stepped in to fill the void.

Sights from Fall CTIA 2011 (photos)

This week's CTIA show lost its headline act when Samsung and Google cancelled their big announcement, but other companies such as AT&T and T-Mobile stepped in to fill the void.

The Pantech Hotshot is a slim feature phone for Verizon Wireless. It has a 3.2-inch touch-screen display.

Pantech Hotshot (photos)

The Pantech Hotshot is a slim feature phone for Verizon Wireless. CNET takes a few hands-on photos of the Hotshot at CTIA in San Diego.


Pantech Jest 2 (photos)

The Pantech Jest 2 is not much of an upgrade over the Pantech Jest messaging phone except for a new dual-mode chipset that gives it world roaming capability. CNET gets a hands-on with the Jest 2.

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