Wall-mount your tablet for $10 or less

Wall-mount any tablet with these simple and affordable solutions.

So you want to stick your tablet on the wall. There are lots of ways to approach this project -- including under-cabinet mounts and magnetic refrigerator enclosures -- but most of these solutions ask you spend a minimum of $20 to $50.

Not necessary.

Whether it's your kitchen companion or entertainment hub, there's an inexpensive way to wall-mount your tablet so that it's easily accessible and on display.

Easy way out: Dockem ($10)

Sharon Vaknin/CNET
You call it a picture ledge, we call it a tablet ledge. Ikea's $9.99 solution makes it easy to blend your tablet with the rest of your home decor. After a quick installation, you've got a permanent place for your tablet (and a few family photos).

Ikea's ledge is longer than necessary at 21.75 inches, but if you're savvy enough, you could slice that fiberboard in half for the perfect size.

Unexpected hack: Plate hanger ($3)

Tumbleweed Labs
It's cheap, it's a little ridiculous, but you know what? It works.

Indy blog Tumbleweed Labs figured out that if a plate hanger can secure an expensive piece of porcelain, it's probably fit for a tablet, too.

If you're looking for the fastest and cheapest solution, head to the hardware store and pick up one of these kits for a few bucks. Just be sure to choose one with plastic tubes over the wires so it doesn't scratch your tablet.

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