Turn your Android or iPhone into a controller for Flash games

Your Android device or iPhone can be a wireless controller for awesomely addictive games.


WanderPlayer is the name given to a set of apps that you install on your computer and also your mobile device. These pieces of software work together to allow communication and create a gaming controller. The app is free and works for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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Step 1: Head over to www.wanderplayer.com in your browser of choice. Click on the Download button on the right side of the window (Mac users can click "Not using Windows" to see a Mac download option).

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Step 2: Once the first download is started, options to download the mobile version for Android or iPhone will appear. Click the button for your mobile platform and follow the instructions to download.

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Step 3: Once both versions are installed, run the app on your PC or Mac.

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Step 4: With the program running on your computer, run the app on your mobile device. Enter your e-mail address and name. This is only for feedback purposes but is recommended to help the developer improve the app.

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Step 5: Under the More tab at the bottom of the screen (Android version), click on Consoles and select your computer from the list. Consoles can be selected in the Consoles tab on the iPhone version.

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Step 6: To play a game, select the Play tab in the mobile version and select the game from the list.

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Step 7: The game will launch in you computer's browser and you will be able to control it using the buttons that appear on your mobile device. Happy gaming!

As of right now, there are a limited number of Flash games compatible with the controller. This is sure to change as the app receives updates, so give it a look and enjoy.

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