Turn a coat hanger into an iPad stand

If you've got 30 seconds and a wire hanger to spare, you've got the makings of a sturdy (and free) DIY stand.

One thing I've learned as an iPad owner is that I need more than one stand for the device. I mean, sometimes I want it propped up on my desk, sometimes it pulls kitchen-counter duty, and on occasion it needs a show-off spot in the living room (usually to impress guests with its Picture Frame mode).

As you may recall, there are plenty of cheap or free iPad stands out there--but I'm hard-pressed to imagine anything cheaper or freer than this, the coat-hanger stand:

Needless to say, I immediately raided my closet--and found a limitless supply of sturdy, no-cost stands. True to the video's title, it takes only about 30 seconds to bend the hangar to the proper shape. I had to pause and rewind a few times on my first one, but once I got the knack, it was fast and easy going.

Ah, coat hangers--is there anything they can't do?

What do you think? Does this appeal to your inner cheapskate, or is this the kind of stand only a hobo (and/or college student) could love?

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(Via Gizmodo)

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