Top tips for traveling with your smartphone

Before you book your next vacation, be sure to watch this travel episode of The Fix.


We all know that smartphones have become an indispensable travel tool. It's your camera, your planner, your map, your diary, and your connection to friends and family back home.

But there are some emerging new trends in travel apps that push your smartphone's capabilities to the extreme.

For example, did you know that your smartphone camera could translate foreign languages on the fly? There are a number of real-time translation apps on the market now, but which ones work best and support the languages you need most? In this show, I'll put them to the test and walk you through your best options.

Eric Franklin reports from Barcelona with some tips on how to send free international voice and text messages. If you've ever been burned by roaming fees while traveling abroad, learn Eric's tricks for beating the system.

And if you can't stand the chaos of traveling with your tech and all the cables and chargers that come with them, Sharon Vaknin has a DIY project for keeping it all neat, tidy, and strapped down.

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