Three time-saving extensions for Google Chrome

This is a collection of three extensions that can save you precious time.

Whether you're checking your e-mail, looking through bookmarks or trying to find things on the Web, these extensions are built to save your precious time. Check out the list below and give them a spin.

1. Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail. If you have Chrome open often, there's no need for the desktop Gmail notifier once you have this extension. A chime will sound as a new e-mail arrives, and the icon will do a little dance back and forth. Not to mention the fact that you can pick from a range of color options indicating whether you are not logged in, logged in with no new e-mail, or you have new e-mail. Clicking on the extension's icon will allow you to check for, look at, and compose new e-mail messages.

If there are new messages, they will be listed in this pop-up box. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

2. Neat Bookmarks. Sure, you could click on the wrench and then scroll down to Bookmarks in the list. And then you could try to balance opening the individual folders in your Bookmarks and look through them with the mouse, but why bother? This extension for Google Chrome lets you search your bookmarks by clicking one button. One button! Plus you can easily navigate through folders and subfolders without having to worry about accidentally dragging the mouse off to one direction or another. One note though: you will want to right-click the extension and disable the Marketing feature, and of course, enable other features of interest.

Notice the easy search box up top and clean tree-style list. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

3. Google Quick Scroll. The description for this extension notes that it will bring you to the relevant content on the page based on your search query. Why is this important? Recall those times when you've searched for something on Google and saw exactly what you wanted in a search result's excerpt. Now recall going to the search result and having difficulty finding what you were looking for. You could press CTRL+F and look for the query yet again, but this extension eliminates that step. Simply click on the search string that matches what you saw on Google inside the pop-up in the lower right corner and it will scroll to that point on the page for you automatically. What a time saver.

This is the chosen search result. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Click the line of text you want to jump to on the site. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma


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