Spring Cleaning: Going digital with print subscriptions

Frustrated by the giant stack of old magazines and newspapers cluttering up your coffee table? Go digital.

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As part of our spring cleaning coverage, we decided to take a look at cleaning up your coffee table, saving some paper, and going digital with print subscriptions.

With both Google and Apple having an Newsstand section in each respective store, most major magazine and newspapers offer a digital version.

When it comes to newspaper subscriptions, typically there are different subscription tiers. There's a standalone physical subscription, with the option to go digital-only or receive both forms -- each with varying costs. What most people don't realize is that the digital version of a magazine is often included in the subscription cost. The only thing standing in your way from downloading the digital variant could be as simple as setting up an account.

Due to so many different news outlets, I can't offer a direct link to each sign-up page. Instead, what I recommend doing is downloading the outlet's app and going through the setup process on your iOS or Android device. But before you download anything, make sure you have your subscription number (usually found on your last bill) -- it's required for access to the digital version. If you can't find it, some companies do let you sign up using just your mailing address.

At the very least, if the app itself doesn't offer a sign-up process, it will provide detailed instructions.

For those who would rather not subscribe for an extended amount of time, you can always opt to purchase individual editions at full price through the app itself.

Going digital-only is an easy way to eliminate clutter around your house. Not to mention, the reading experience on a tablet is so much better than its paper counterpart.

Editors' note: It's spring cleaning time! Week's four's theme: digitizing your life. Check back every day this week to see how best to bring your stuff into the digital age. And be sure to return next week for more spring cleaning tips and tricks.


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