Speed up your BlackBerry

If you've noticed your BlackBerry running slowly, have no fear: there are some things you can do to speed things up.

If you've noticed that your BlackBerry takes a long time to do simple tasks like sending a text message or opening a Web page, have no fear: there are some things you can do to speed things up.

Since BlackBerrys have little memory to run apps, you'll need to make sure you optimize what's available.

Use the following settings to free up some memory. These new settings will make your general interface, Web browsing, and text messaging much faster.

Clear your event log: Press Alt-LGLG. Open the menu and select Clear Log.

Exit open applications: Press Alt-Escape. Select an app, open its menu, and select Exit.

Enable memory cleaning: Go to Settings>Options>Security Options>Memory Cleaning. It's disabled by default, so select Enable.

Tweak browser settings: In the browser menu, select Browser Configuration. Deselect JavaScript, HTML tables, and Use Background Images. Also, confirm that your browser ID is set to BlackBerry. Back in the browser menu, select General Properties. Change image quality to Low, Repeat Animations to 10, and Default View to Column. If you're browsing and would like to see a Web site in a desktop view, click Z.

Dispose of text messages: In the messaging screen, open the menu and select General Options. Change Keep Messages to 15 days.

Pull out the battery: Here's a trick that many BlackBerry users swear by. While your phone is on, take out the battery. Leave it out for 30 seconds, replace it, and power up your phone.

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