Run Windows 8 desktop on a second monitor

Not sure if you prefer Windows 8 in Desktop or Metro view? With an external monitor you can use both at the same time.

Our nation faces a decision that could tear us apart.

Yes, the choice between running Windows 8 in Metro view or the traditional desktop view is what we must wrestle with.

Fortunately, there is a compromise to bridge this heated divide. By using a dual-screen setup, you can run Metro and desktop views simultaneously on the same machine.

In the How To video above, I'll walk you through the process of connecting a second monitor to your Windows 8 machine and adjusting just a few settings to achieve the ultimate dual-interface Windows 8 experience.

To cut to the chase, under the Charms menu in Metro you'll find an option for Devices, which allows you to "Project to a second screen." In many cases the default mode of this projected screen will be a duplication of your primary screen, which can be useful for presentations. But in this case you'll want to make sure the mode is set to "Extend," which will turn your second display into a dedicated home for the Windows 8 desktop view.

Now, if you're new to the whole idea of connecting an extra display to your computer, be sure to check out my basic tutorial of the process . It covers connection types, display compatibility, and even has some tips for Mac users.

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