Open links in Chrome via keyboard with DeadMouse

Install the DeadMouse extension and you can simply start typing the first letters of a link to open it.

The DeadMouse extension for Chrome might be the final piece of the puzzle if you are trying to go all keyboard shortcuts all the time. You can perform all manner of task in Chrome with keyboard shortcuts (here are helpful lists for PCs and for Macs), but opening a link still requires a click of the ol' mouse.

If this screenshot was animated, you'd see the Get the Jellybean keyboard now link not crooked but wobbling. Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

If losing your mouse is something you aspire to, give DeadMouse a whirl. With it, you simply start typing the first few letters of a link you see on the page you are viewing and the link will begin to wobble. Hit Enter and you'll be taken to that page. Hit Shift + Enter and the link will open in a new tab. It's that simple.

If there is more than one link with the letters you typed, hit Tab to cycle through the links. And if you start wobbling a link you decide you'd rather not open, hit Escape to clear your DeadMouse query.

In related news, Firefox has similar functionality built in. Hit the "/" key and start typing to highlight a link, which you can then hit Enter to open.

(Via: LifeHacker)

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