Learn how to tie a necktie and scarf with Android

Are you using the same boring knots for your neckties and scarves? These Android apps will show you how to tie 12 different necktie knots and seven different scarf knots.

How to tie a tie

Wearing a properly tied knot in a necktie can make a positive impression, but did you know that the same knot isn't best suited for every occasion? Android app developer ArtelPlus has created an Android app to help teach you how to tie 12 different necktie knots for various occasions. As a bonus, the developer has also created an app to teach you how to tie seven different scarf knots.

How to tie a tie
Chances are, you're probably already familiar with the four-in-hand knot, even if you don't know it by name. The How to Tie a Tie app also goes over the Atlantic, Diagonal, Half Windsor, Kelvin, Oriental, Persian, Plattsburg, Pratt, Simple Double, St. Andrew, Windsor, and a Bow Tie. Tapping on any of the knots from the list will take you through a step-by-step illustration on how to tie them.

How to tie a tie
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

How to tie a scarf
If you're a fan of scarves, you may want to take a look at these knots. The How to Tie a Scarf app goes over seven different knots, including Casual, Ascot, Bandit, Western, Cowboy, Fake Knot, and Twice Around Ascot. Just like the How to Tie a Tie app, tapping on any knot will display the illustrations.

How to tie a scarf
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

That's it. The next time you have a job interview, wedding, holiday party, or other social event to attend, you'll be able to take out your Android phone and tie the right knot for the occasion.

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