How to use your iPhone's headphones for steady photo captures

Here's one of those tips that's so obvious, you'll be surprised you missed it.

The trick in action. Photo by Sharon Vaknin/CNET

Here's one of those tips that's so obvious, you'll be surprised you missed it.

With iOS 5 utilizing the volume-up button for the camera shutter, iPhotography seriously improved, as previously tapping the screen to activate the shutter would often render blurry photos.

Then yesterday, one of my favorite food photographers tweeted her brilliant discovery: you can also use your headset volume-up button to capture a photo.

Just launch your iPhone's camera, ready your shot, and click the volume up button to snap the photo. If you have a Bluetooth headset with volume control, it'll likely work with that, too.

So, what's the point? Sometimes, pushing the volume-up button still results in blurry photos, so use your headphones to hold your phone in one hand and capture with the other.

Even better, attach your iPhone to a tripod and ditch a self-timer for remote capture with your headphones. Or, you can even use this setup to take sneaky shots of people without them noticing.

(But you didn't hear that from me)

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