How to track your favorite TV shows

When you record or watch many shows, it's hard to remember their schedules. Find out how to turn your Google Calendar or Reader into a personal TV guide.

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When you can't make it home for every episode, or two shows you like are on at the same time, digital recorders can catch every moment for later viewing. However, if you're watching a lot of shows, it's hard to keep track of what's airing each night. So how about an easier way to see what shows are coming up and which ones are already in your queue for watching? Here's how to turn your Google Calendar or Reader into a personal TV guide:

Getting started

Step 1: Create an account at and verify it with the e-mail sent to you. This site provides a plethora of information about TV programming, including air times!

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Step 2: Search for show titles at the top left and mark your Favorites with the button on the right. Note: Some searches may result in multiple results for the same name due to country of origin and remakes.

After marking all of your favorite shows, it's time to find the feed links that deliver show schedules to you.

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Step 3: Click Home > Feeds and then select the appropriate type of feed. ICAL for Google Calendar, Full Week RSS for Reader.

Importing the ICAL feed to your Google Calendar

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Step 1: Copy the link for your personalized ICAL feed. Click on the arrow to the right of Other calendars (bottom left) and select Import calendar.

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Step 2: Paste the ICAL link into the pop-up and click Add Calendar.

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(Optional) Step 3: Rename the calendar by mousing over it and clicking the arrow that appears for editing options. Setting a new color for your TV calendar is usually a good idea, too.

Importing the Full Week RSS feed into a reader

This example will use Google Reader, but the steps are essentially the same idea across all RSS readers.

Step 1: Copy the personalized Full Week RSS feed link from TVRage (under the "My Favorite Shows" link on this page).

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Step 2: Click Add a subscription in the top left corner and paste the link you copied from TVRage.

(Optional) Step 3: Rename or categorize the feed to your liking.

These methods can also be helpful to those who love watching tons of shows because the calendar or RSS feed will help keep track of episode numbers and descriptions.

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