How to spookify Windows 7

It's almost Halloween! For a bit of fun, we'll show you some themes to spookify your Windows 7 desktop.

It's almost Halloween, which means lots of candy, trick or treating, and top-100 scary movie countdowns! For a bit of added fun, here are some themes to spookify your Windows 7 desktop:

Eerie autumn theme
This theme from Microsoft, includes 15 spooky high-resolution wallpapers and some eerie system sounds. Just download the themepack and double-click on the file to install the theme.

Get it HERE.

Gargoyle wallpaper
Screenshot by Ed Rhee
Black crow wallpaper
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Trick-or-treat theme
This is another free Microsoft theme that includes five pumpkin-themed wallpapers. Again, download the themepack and double-click on the file to install the theme.

Get it HERE.

Pumpkin bats
Screenshot by Ed Rhee
Pumpkin house
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Ticket to fear theme
This Microsoft theme includes eight gruesome wallpapers and a new sound scheme. Warning: these wallpapers may not be suitable for young children.

Get it HERE.

Ringu-like girl
Screenshot by Ed Rhee
Creepy house
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Halloween theme
This Halloween theme from VikiTech, includes 33 ghastly high-resolution wallpapers, a replacement set of desktop icons, and hair-raising system sounds. If the music from the "Halloween" movies creeps you out, this is just the theme for you! Just be sure to click on the link called "Download | Apply," to download the theme and not on one of the ads that say "Download." Once downloaded, unzip the themepack file and double-click on it to install the theme.

Get it HERE.

Scarecrow wallpaper
Screenshot by Ed Rhee
Cute monsters wallpaper
OK, so not all the wallpapers are ghastly. These little guys are cute! Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Bonus fright: "The Thing: Flame Thrower" Android app
If you have an Android device with a front-facing camera, give the app from the movie, "The Thing," a try. The app includes a game, the movie trailer, and an "Infect Yourself" feature. If you choose to "Infect Yourself," it'll launch your front-facing camera and ask you to line up your face to the guides on the screen. Once you snap your photo, it will add a horrifying effect to your face, which you can then save or share via e-mail or Facebook. We didn't want to spoil the surprise, so we didn't include a screenshot of the effect. Let's just say, it's a head-splitting good time. The app has a content rating of "medium maturity," so keep the little ones away while you gross yourself out.

Get it in the Android Market.

The Thing: Flame Thrower Android app
The game is a throwaway, but the "Infect Yourself" effect is horrific! Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Happy Halloween!

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