How to share and save your exact location

Surely there have been times when it would be convenient if a friend knew exactly where you were.

Surely there have been times when it would be convenient if a friend knew exactly where you were.

You could be stranded on the side of the highway and in need of a friend to bring you some motor oil. But how is that friend supposed to know exactly where you're stranded?

Or, maybe you just parked in a gigantic parking lot and want to remember exactly where you left your car.

Luckily, there's an app for that, and it's already installed on your phone. Watch the video to find out how to share or save your exact location:

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    Step 1: Head to Google Maps and tap the Current Location button. Give it a few moments to find your location. The time and accuracy will depend on data service, but the location marker is usually within 100 feet (at worst).

    Step 2: Tap the blue marker pinpointing your location, then tap the arrow.

    Step 3: On an iPhone, select "Share location." On an Android, select "Send location to others." You have the choice to e-mail or text message the location. Either way, when the recipient receives the location and taps the link in the message, Google Maps will launch with a pin on your location.

    Step 4: To save the location, simply add it to your bookmarks or share the location with yourself via text message.

    Alternatively, some services like Google Latitude will share your exact location on an ongoing basis in real time to a select number of friends. It's convenient, but personally, I find it a little too invasive.


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