How to rearrange the icons on your Apple TV

Finally, you can rearrange (most of) the icons on your Apple TV! Here's how.

One annoyance of the Apple TV has always been the inability to move the icons around to fit your use habits. Whatever order Apple placed the icons in is what you were stuck using. As of Apple TV OS version 5.1, users can now rearrange the icons into an order better suited for them.

Well, there's one exception. You can't move any of the icons on the top row, only the bottom three rows. For whatever reason, Apple would rather you not hide the Movies or TV Shows icons (among others) down in the bottom row.

To rearrange the icons on your Apple TV:

  1. Highlight the icon you want to move.
  2. Hold the select button on the Apple TV remote until the icon starts dancing.
  3. Move the icon to your desired location for it.
  4. Press the select button on your remote again.
  5. Repeat the process for any other icons you'd like to move.

If you're unable to move the icons, make sure your Apple TV is running OS version 5.1 by going into Settings > General > About.

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