How to post your tweets to Facebook

If you're tired of updating both of your social networks, check out Twitter's built-in feature that lets you autopost your tweets to Facebook.

Since Twitter's inception, users have relied on third-party apps and programs to send their Twitter posts to Facebook. But today, Twitter finally announced native Facebook integration.

So whether your Twitter addiction is causing you to neglect Facebook, or you're tired of updating two social networks, follow these steps to send all your tweets to Facebook.

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To enable the new feature, log in to Twitter and head to Settings > Profile. At the bottom, connect your Facebook account to Twitter, and check "Post your Tweets to Facebook." Click "Save," and you're set.

While this new feature is convenient for tweeters, it's important to note a few things:

  • Not everyone on Facebook understand what "RT" or hash tags are, so be ready to remove tweets from your wall as necessary.

  • All tweets (except @replies and direct messages) will be forwarded to Facebook. If you tweet a lot, this setup might seriously annoy your friends.

  • If your friends choose to, they can hide all posts in their News Feed that come from Twitter--meaning, they will never see your updates.

  • A tip in etiquette: Even though autoforwarding will help you spend less time on Facebook, friends can 'Like' and comment on your tweets, so be ready to reply to those comments.

Alternatively, users who tweet frequently can try the Selective Twitter app, which allows you to post specific tweets to Facebook using the hash tag #fb.

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