Everything you've ever wanted to know about podcasting, but were afraid to ask

Thinking about starting your own podcast? Read this first.

All you need is one mic. Or possibly two, if you're not planning on podcasting alone. Eric Franklin/CNET

There is very little stopping you from making your own podcast. If you can speak, you can podcast. Still, many interested in making their own podcast don't have the slightest clue where to actually begin. Until now.

In our five-part series on making a podcast from scratch, we take you from coming up with a basic premise to recording, to finally delivering something compelling for the entire world to listen to.

Below you'll find links for all five parts.

Part 1: Getting started

Part 2: Recording your show

Part 3: Editing your show

Part 4: Tagging and posting your show online

Part 5: Submitting your show to iTunes and promotion


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