How to get notifications of changes to your Google documents

If you watch more than a few Google Docs files for changes, you know it can be a pain to sort through dozens of e-mails telling you what's what. If you use Chrome, there's a sweet extension that lets you know within your browser.

Google Docs makes collaboration simple, but if you are monitoring more than a couple of files (or your collaborators like to make lots of changes at random times), it can be a pain to keep track of it all. E-mail notifications are fine, but if you want to keep your inbox clean, there's a great Chrome extension that can make your life easier. Here's how to use it: 

  1.  Download and install WatchDoc. 
    Step 1: Install WatchDoc.
    Step 1: Install WatchDoc.
  2.  Click the WatchDoc icon in your extension bar and then click Login. 
    Step 2: Login to Google Docs.
    Step 2: Login to Google Docs.
  3. Tell Google Docs to grant access. (You only need to do this once.) 
  4. When one of the documents you watch changes, you should see a red number indicating the number of changes in the WatchDoc icon. Click it to bring up a list of docs that have changed and, if you like, open them up in new tabs. It's easy, and your inbox will thank you!
    Step 4: Notification.
    Step 4: Notification.
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