How to fix blurry Firefox 5 fonts

Do fonts look blurry to you in Firefox 5? We'll show you a couple of ways to improve font rendering in the latest version of the browser.


Do fonts look blurry to you in Firefox 5? Some users have been reporting issues with fonts looking blurry in Firefox since version 4. Here are a couple of things you can try to improve the quality of font rendering.

Turn on ClearType in Windows Vista/Windows 7

Step 1: Click the Start button, then enter "cleartype" in the "Search programs and files" box and select "Adjust ClearType text."

Type cleartype
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 2: Make sure that the check box for "Turn on ClearType" is checked and click Next to go through the ClearType tuner.

Turn ClearType on and tune.
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

If successful, you should notice a subtle improvement in the quality of the text.

ClearType comparison

Turn off hardware acceleration in Firefox:

Step 1: Click the orange Firefox button in the upper left corner, then select Options from the second column.

Step 2: Go to Advanced Options, then in the General tab uncheck the box next to "Use hardware acceleration when available."

Firefox advanced options
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Again, you should notice a subtle improvement in the quality of the text. Turning off hardware acceleration will degrade Firefox's overall performance, but if you prefer the quality of the text with acceleration off, you may find it's worth it.

Acceleration comparison
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

There you have it: if you're having trouble with blurry fonts in Firefox 5, one of these solutions may work for you.

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