How to find the nearest In-N-Out

In-N-Out Burger's iOS app is helpful when you get that In-N-Out urge.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott

In-N-Out Burger's iOS app is helpful when you get that In-N-Out urge.

Lest you think I'm a health nut, subsisting on local produce and sustainable seafood , I feel the need to share my love of In-N-Out Burger with you. There was a time when I lived in California and could grab a Double-Double with little to no planning. I didn't know how good I had it. Now I live on the East Coast and must come to terms with the fact that the nearest In-N-Out is 1,529.3 miles away in Rockwall, Texas.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott

I found out this bit of information from In-N-Out's free iOS app, which shows you how far the nearest In-N-Out is from your current location, gives its address and phone number, and links out to Google Maps to give you directions.

Like In-N-Out's menu, the app doesn't try to do too much. You can't place an order using the app, but you wouldn't want your fries getting soggy because you ordered them ahead anyway. Plus, In-N-Out never makes you wait very long for your order, even when there's a line.

To find the nearest In-N-Out, simply tap the Locations button on the app's home screen and tap the small arrow button in the upper-right corner. Use the button next to the arrow button to toggle between map and list views. You can also enter a city, state, or ZIP code in the search bar to find In-N-Outs in another area.

I don't keep this app on my phone because it depresses me to be constantly reminded of the distance between myself and In-N-Out, but when I travel to the West Coast, I download it so I can squeeze in as many In-N-Out trips as possible during my travels.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott

The app also features a free but awful ringtone and a bunch of cool wallpapers, and you can check the balance of In-N-Out gift cards. You can also view the few but tasty menu items, including secret items such as 4x4 and animal style. In settings, you can link to Facebook or Foursquare to share your In-N-Out visits, but please do me a favor and don't tell me when you're there. It's just cruel.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott

And don't try to tell me that Five Guys is the same or better. I live only 17.9 miles from the nearest Five Guys, and while its burgers and fries are certainly tasty, they fail to satisfy my In-N-Out urge. If you are a Five Guys guy (or gal), it, too, has a free iOS app (as well as an Android app) that helps you locate the nearest restaurant. And unlike the In-N-Out app, the Five Guys app lets you place an order for pickup.


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