How to e-mail more than five photos at once in iOS 7

Apple still won't let you send more than five photos at a time, which can make for some serious sharing hassles. Free app Kicksend easily solves the problem.

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For all the changes and improvements (some would say "improvements") iOS 7 brought to the iDevice-verse, there's one curious limitation that Apple didn't address:

If you want to e-mail someone more than five photos, you can't.

That's a pretty big hassle when you're looking to share a big batch of vacation, wedding, day-at-the-beach, or other special-event snapshots. The last thing you want is to have send a bunch of five-photo e-mails.

Thankfully, there's an easy workaround: free app Kicksend. Here's how to use it to share as many photos as you want.

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Step one: Install and run the app, then tap Send and Receive Photos. You'll need to sign up for an account, which you can do via Facebook, Google Plus, or e-mail. There's no charge for signing up.

Step two: After confirming your account (via a text-message code), tap the Send button. Allow Kicksend to access your photos.

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Step three: Tap the Select button for any existing group of photos, or tap individual photos. (The app works with videos, too.) When you're done, tap Next.

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Step four: Allow Kicksend access to your contacts, then choose one or more recipients for the photos. You can also manually enter a name, e-mail address, or mobile phone number. After you've made your selections, tap Send.

That's all there is to it. Each recipient will receive an e-mail with thumbnails of the selected photos and a link for viewing and/or downloading them (in full resolution). Unfortunately, there's no way to batch-download the album, which is arguably Kicksend's only real shortcoming.

The browser-based viewer also allows recipients to order prints, though the app has interesting capabilities in this department as well: From the main screen, you can tap Prints, then Mail Prints to Family or Prints For Myself. The latter brings up a list of nearby stores that offer photo printing (CVS, Target, Walgreens, etc.) and lets you place orders directly.

Of course, there are lots of apps that let you order prints from your phone. But Kicksend offers a slight edge by making it easy to overcome iOS' five-photo e-mail limitation.

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